Halo Infinite Big Team Battle Feedback

(Feel free to skip my “Introduction” and go straight to “Feedback”. I won’t be offended.)


Hi everyone,

As you can see I’m not very active on these forums but this was important enough for me to start to be.

I am a casual but regular player of (almost exclusively) Halo 3 Big Team Battle within Halo the MCC. Why Halo 3 Big Team Battle you ask? because I still host regular Halo 3 (low skill level) lan parties with my friends and want to stay somewhat familiar on the sticks and I obviously really enjoy BTB and its laid back environment for a casual like me. I have been very excited for Infinite and would love to switch over to it.

Having said that, in addition to playing Halo consistently since CE I have always followed the pro scene and Halo scene in general and can absolutely give legitimate and educated feedback on things.

I have no intention of saying anything unconstructive, irrelevant or insulting/offensive what so ever even if I come across as blunt and want to stick to the S.M.A.R.T acronym the best I know how to.

I also want to acknowledge that I’m aware of the fact that some of what I’m going to discuss may be addressed and changed in the future as simply a part of the normal changes and additions made to the game. I also acknowledge that people may have said and will say what I’m about to say, but I would like to share all my thoughts about what is most important to me none the less.


I played Halo Infinite’s BTB for a solid day, then formulated my thoughts about what I loved and what I would like to see changed which is what this post is about.

  1. I would like to see input based matchmaking as option in your settings, not something that comes with a playlist weather you want it or not. This will mostly be to accommodate controller players as I doubt mouse and keyboard players would pass up the chance to melt controller players with there superior aim.

  2. I would like to be able to choose which servers I play on in the network settings to avoid game play issues with high ping people relative to me.

  3. For social games, I think mixed tape matchmaking is the only way to go, especially for BTB as there is virtually never communication or much interest in achieving objectives. All it really does is turn objective game types into slayers with a longer respawn time which leads me to my biggest issue of all.

  4. The time it takes to get into the “action”. I’m going to break this one down a bit:
    a) When you start a game search, you first wait for it to find players and for the map to load. (obviously unavoidable)
    b) After that wait, you then see the player introduction thing at the beginning of the match which I honestly don’t see the purpose of. I view it as just another pointless thing that makes me wait longer to get to the fun part of the game. (definitely avoidable)
    d) Then there is the respawn time which as I recall is like 8 seconds for slayer and 10 seconds for objective. We all know the legitimate reasons for respawn times particularly in objective game types. I’m not asking for instant respawns, but honestly these BTB maps are so vast and complex that most of the time, even if you HAD instant respawns there is still no way that you would be able to get yourself into the action within seconds of respawning to help out with an objective in a way that would ruin the game mode, or to finish off someone that you got shots on in a slayer. At least 99% of the time anyway.
    As I said, I’m not asking for instant respawns, but in BTB on Halo Infinite maps, 3 seconds is definitely sufficient for slayer and say 6 seconds for objective game types even though 3 would probably still work just fine without breaking the game.
    e) For BTB and most other game types for that matter, spawning with a battle rifle as your primary weapon is a must. I understand that spawning you with a dinky pistol in place of a BR forces you to be more creative and cautious and also causes you to learn the maps and weapon spawns to form some level of basic strategy which certainly adds to the dynamic of the game.
    However there are two major issues with that. First of all, I find myself spending A LOT of time running to the weapon spawns and WAITING rather than just spawning with a gun that I actually want to use for BTB so that I can run straight into the action and have fun. The second issue is that the weapon spawns are random so YOU CAN’T learn the spawns. I understand that this adds dynamics and variety to the game but it has a major draw back. So to have the best of both worlds, my suggestion is to change the spawns each time you mix up the playlists and map variants like you do every month or whatever. Its always fun when there is an update or change and you get to learn something all over again and play it that way for a time. But don’t change things every single game because then you never know where the heck anything is and it takes time to learn that each match. Its especially annoying when someone is melting your team in a wasp and you don’t know where the heck to find a weapon to take it down!

Combined with how long it takes to move around these vast complex maps, when you add all these things together, you find that you only spend a small amount of time actually in the action of the game, fighting, contributing to objectives etc. Even watching high level game play of BTB is quite boring because the player is mostly just running around doing stuff other than fighting.
There needs to be a balance and there is WAY too much waiting and in between time in BTB and in this game in general.


This game has great potential. I want it to be my new shooter for years to come, but after the one solid say of playing, I was done with it due to these issues. Things need to change for me to come back and to speak highly of this game to my friends.

Thanks for reading.

This really is the case, and I can’t blame people for it, we just want to be able to queue for Slayer instead of having every mode thrown into one playlist and have it be down to luck if you even get to play Big Team Slayer that day.

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