Halo Infinite Betas

Hi it’s Illi,

I’m not going to assume but with halo dieing on all servers… I suggest pre-orders of infinite with extremely limited betas…

Like every month there is a beta of one game type for one week.

Idk but at this point either infinite is Done and held back by market timing or there might not even be halo next Christmas (Jk) :hugs:.

Think of the progressive hype train and market data. Besides, get pre-orders now for new xbox programs and halo (time value of money).

But basically, please do something more than hide in the dark. Like press releases of what you’ve accomplished so far and what 343 is working on now. Immerse the disgruntled fans of Halo with info instead of the unknown.

Kind Regards,

umm I’ve been away from the forums for ages whats this about Halo dieing on all servers?

regarding the beta’s I’d have two beta sessions one in the summer and one just before release kinda give people a broad view of how the multiplayer is and the worked version of fan feedback to see if its improved on what the fans wanted but i’m not optimistic with that and probably see beta with just closer to the release date.

I imagine from July onward the marketing will begin to kick in and information drops will begin quite rapidly.