Halo Infinite Beta

i think that the reason why Mcc was updated so much other than it was basically unplayable in multiplayer at launch,is that in order to the get the Infinite beta access you will have to receive some sort of code from mcc just like for the Halo 5 beta and because of this when the Halo Infinite beta is over there will be more hype to play halo so more people will be playing Mcc because it is a fixed game now thanks to the updates which will create more hype for Infinite

343i plan to have an Insider Program for Halo Infinite.

I’d make more sense to put it in H5 since they said Infinite takes place after the events of H5.

The infinite beta will be in insider flights similar to MCC insider, open to anyone who’s part of the insider program

Sign me up.

And as we can see Halo MCC didn’t have a beta and look at how that worked out for the first 8 months.