Halo Infinite Beta Review and Technical Preview Thoughts and Ideas

Halo Infinite Beta Review and Technical Preview Thoughts and Ideas

I forgot to post my Technical Preview Review which I put at the bottom.

I really enjoyed this game so far and I hope everything stays somewhat the same. But there are some things that need attention and investigated.

Other than that, I can’t wait for the full game to come out.

To the Halo Community in no way am I trying to be toxic towards anyone or this game. This is just my personal review of what’s been release so far. Other than that, thanks for reading it and have a nice day.

Halo Infinite Beta Review

Main Menu and Music

The Main Menu has such a nice feel and vibe to it which makes the experience that much better for the overall aspect of the game. In the future I hope we can buy or earn New Theme Packs for the Main Menu, Loading Screen, Multiplayer Screen and Ext.

The Music is absolutely epic in every way imaginable. Having a little bit of everything in certain way gives the player a good experience.

In the future I do wish we could buy or earn to have across to customized certain songs to play throughout the game and have a radio that we can listen to for Halo Infinite Music while we play the game. If you want to add the old soundtracks from the other Halo Titles that’s OK to.

Visual Effects and Art Design

The Visual Effects and Art Design I absolutely love and I’m happy how this game looks and feel combined with certain pieces of all the mainstream Halo games.


The Animals in the game are actually awesome to see again and the fact that you can shoot them and run them over is actually interesting in ways that makes the sandbox experience even better. Which makes me wonder if we can add them in Forge maps in the future with a gametype that go along with them. Like the first team to snipe 100 birds wins. :laughing:

Battle Pass and Challenge System

The Battle Pass and Challenge System I don’t really mind because it makes the experience better for the game overall in a certain way as long as you earn the XP you need to get the things you want overtime.

But let’s say 343 has a event where you have to complete a certain number of Challenges in order to get this one of a time item in the game. But then let’s say one of those challenges was get 100 kills with the Pulse Carbine in PvP Matchmaking which would make it so you would see more players using it to compete that challenge to unlock something sweet. Which could change up things in Matchmaking as a whole because let’s be honest most people don’t use Plasma Weapons because how weak and pathetic, they are. But with a cool reward at the end of the stick will definitely get players to tryout something new and different. Which means Matchmaking as a whole would be constantly changing instead of starting the same thing with the same results like previous games.

From what I understand that you guys at 343 aren’t going to come out with another mainstream Halo title for 10 years. So, in order to make things last without the content getting old and boring the game must have difficult moments.

Now I could be completely wrong about all of this but that’s just from my point of view with the way things are now. Like I want to think 343 learned from the past that most people that play Halo don’t complete Challenges and instead just play the game. But if you complete certain things in any game, I feel like you should be rewarded for it and have something that someone else doesn’t.

But with that said the Reward System needs some huge improvements to make me want to go after them. Because as of right now I don’t really care about any of them. This same problem was in Halo 5 playing in Arena to get ranked up and put into a division or completing your Accommodations to receive a stupid emblem mmm not worth it. Then in MCC having a Event by ranking up in Halo 4 Playlist to receive some ugly skin or completing the Campaign on the Hardest Difficulty with All Skulls on for Solo or Co-Op to receive nothing like come on, you gotta be kidding me. Give us Forerunner Armor, Being a Elite when no one else can, Unlimited or Bottomless Ammo for a Hour in Social Matchmaking, Etc. Something that’s actually worth it.

Scoreboard In Game and After Game

The scoreboard needs to be adjusted for players that go after the objective and die to obtain it. Because as of now those that go after kills only are shown as stars :star2: of the match even though they haven’t even touched the objective. You are literally teaching people not to go after the objective by making it so they don’t shine on the scoreboard In and After the game. For example, if I hold the Oddball for 1:30 and got 3 kills and 10 deaths and this other person has 0 sec with the and 25 kills and 2 deaths the person with the most time should be at the top of the scoreboard because it’s a objective gametype. If you were playing Slayer, I can understand the person with the best KDA but not in objective gametypes. Like in BTB Stockpile those that help transfer the Power Seeds and score them and steal them from the enemy base should be getting a huge number of points compared to those that go after kills and don’t even bother with the objective.

Headshot Registration

The Headshot Registration isn’t working all the time for the BR. There’s been multiple times a player will have no shield and I shoot them in the head and no death. Which is extremely frustrating because it looks like I’m doing horrible but in reality, my shots aren’t even registering.

Melee Attack

The Melee Attack needs to be fix in so many ways like I lost count to how many times I tried to melee someone only to lose place of the enemy that’s supposed to be in front of me. It’s like the knock back is pushing people forward instead of backwards. Then its super random at times to. Like sometimes I will lunge like the Energy Sword distance and other times I would have to be kissing them to lunge at them.

Aim Assist

The Aim Assist was weird on a controller and annoying and frustrating. Like it felt like everything was normal until you popped the shield and the Aim Assist just disappeared which made it that much harder to get that Headshot.

Pop Shield Visual Effect

The Pop Shields Visual Effect was cool but I didn’t like how it activated if your shield wasn’t completely gone like previous Halo games.


Every weapon should be able to get kills without fuss or using a melee or grenade.

Most of the weapons feel powerful and useful in their own unique way. But most of the weapons I found myself running out of Ammo too fast for weapons on map.

In this Beta I had a chance to actually test out more of the weapons in Custom Games as well in Matchmaking. This is what I found…

Plasma Weapons

So, the history of Plasma Weapons in Halo games has always meant weak weapons for some strange reason. Like I never understood why are they so weak to begin with for the games. It doesn’t really match up with the Halo Lore or the Sci-Fi Universe Community. In some ways this is the perfect opportunity to end the cycle of weak Plasma Weapons for the future of Halo.

Like a way to fix this would be bringing back the stun effect from Halo CE or having it push enemies back like the Storm Rifle Blissful of Slumber or make something completely new that we never seen before but make it strong and deadly. So, players are actually willing to use Plasma Weapons to kill with and not just take out Shields with.

Brute Blade Weapons

It would be nice if the Blade on the Brute weapons give you a faster melee or something that would go to the Halo Lore. But if it messes up with the balance wise for the game then do it only on Weapon Variants if they are in this game.


The AR was a interesting weapon to use this time around which feels satisfying to no end getting kills with it. But the only thing I have a problem with it is most people don’t get rid of the weapon for another weapon off map because how useful it is.


This BR I’m actually a fan of and I hope it stays the same. Like I said in the Tech Preview I have never been a fan of the weapon in the past because how overwhelming powerful it is in most cases and to other weapons on map. Most players will not drop the weapon for a Carbine, Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, etc. because how weak those weapons are compared to the BR. Which is why I like the BR from Halo 5 and Halo Infinite because it’s not OP for a Human Weapon.

Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle is a interesting weapon that I hope stays strong in this game. The fact it kills in One Headshot is awesome.


This new auto pistol is amazing and a interesting to use for this sandbox. But I hope the Plasma Pistol won’t be replaced just because now there’s a Human EMP weapon.

Energy Sword

The lunge distance for the Energy Sword is horrible and the cross arrow doesn’t even turn red when you can lunge at your enemy. No instead it just turns the same color as your enemy which makes it harder to tell if you can lunge.

It’s like you guys copied and pasted the Heretic Energy Sword from Halo 5 and put it in Halo Infinite as the Normal version which is horrible.

Then with smart link gone you can’t even lunge at a farther distance and what makes matters worse is that a player can melee faster than you can swing your Energy Sword. Which makes it so the Energy Sword is almost useless to compared to the Gravity Hammer.

But I will say I do like how it was added in Arena play even though it only has 50% energy.

Pulse Carbine

This weapon I absolutely love but like in the Tech Preview it doesn’t kill fast enough. The damage on each Plasma shot needs to be a little stronger when a player has No Shields and the tracking system needs to actually work all the time. Because as of now it’s still basically useless if it’s not going to kill like it’s supposed to.

The other problem I have with it is if there are multiple people in one area the tracking system doesn’t even work. It’s absolutely a problem if the system that makes it feel powerful isn’t working like it’s supposed to.

But in no way do I want you to get rid of the tracking system like Bungie did with the Plasma Repeater in the Halo Reach Beta all those years ago.

Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle I absolutely love and hopefully it stays the same.


The Mangler has that feeling of the Mauler from Halo 3 but it’s actually useful instead of a pocket shotgun.

Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel Beam is kind of weak in my opinion. It doesn’t feel better then the Halo 3 version but closer to Halo 5 version.

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is much better this time around especially since it stays true to being a long-range style weapon and it doesn’t feel like a long-range Pistol that kills in 2 shots like all the other versions in the past. Every now and then I do enjoy a no scope kill but not all the time.


The Skewer is ok just how it is. But I do wish if you shot it at a player, it would pin a Spartan to the wall which would be really funny.


The Cindershot has a nice touch to it being a grenade launcher. But in some ways, it fills like a mix between the Halo CE Fuel Rod Cannon and Concussion Rifle.


The Ravager is yet another weak Plasma Weapon that yet again needs a serious buff in damage. :unamused:

The other problem is when you charge it up and shoot it at a player it should do massive amount of damage instead of zero damage until it hits the ground. As well it shouldn’t be bouncing off a enemy player, walls, doorways, and vehicles.

Then it has the same problem like the Concussion Rifle and Brute Shot had it takes way too many shots to kill someone with which leaves little Ammo to use on multiple people.


The Hydra has a new look to it which is cool but the lock-on system needs tuning because it definitely doesn’t work if you lock-on and someone is dead in front of you. Which reminds me of the old Needler which a player moves to the right or left and it goes right pass them.

M41 SPNKR (Rocket Launcher)

This version I do like how it’s between damage is similar to CE and Halo 2 as well it shoots fast with a cool smoke trail. It would be cool if we could change the color of the smoke as some kind of thing in the battle pass or Store.


The Heatwave problem is it bounces way to much to be actually useful.

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is only useful for Noob Combos and the Normal shots aren’t even close to being useful. It would nice to have the full charge up shot do more than just EMP your Shields but your HUD to or even make it harder for you to move around. Since most of the other weapons got an update the Plasma Pistol should as well to give people a reason to actually use it.

CQS48 Bulldog

The Bulldog is absolutely horrible :rage: and needs a buff. It doesn’t feel powerful and it doesn’t even fire fast. The damage you deal out is pathetic to the point it feels like Shotguns don’t belong in this game. Which is sad :sob:because I love using close quarters combat weapons.

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is amazing and it needs to stay this way for release and so on. It’s going to be interesting for Grifball.


Now as far as Grenades go, they need to disappear faster after someone dies because it’s so easy to get multiple kills off them. But in No way do I want the Damage or Radius to be smaller.

Dynamo Grenades

These Grenades are useful and interesting but I’m not a fan how they don’t kill if a enemy shield is low or you throw 2 of them at a enemy.

Spike Grenades

The Spike Grenades in the beta feel weak again like in Halo 3. In the Tech Preview they were awesome like they should be but not they don’t really kill anything. Like 1 or 2 Spike Grenade should be able to take out a Warthog not 3 or 4.


I love the Simi New Arena with BRs only with No Motion Sensor. But there are a few problems I have with it.

● There needs to be a only Team Slayer option because playing Objective Gametypes can be annoying if you don’t have the right team.

But as a side note I kind of wish we only had a Motion Sensor for teammates because most of the time I hear footsteps :footprints: and I turn around to see a teammate but I think it’s a enemy player.

● The in-game scoreboard needs to be fix for objective gametypes. Someone that goes after the objective should be at the top instead of the player with the most kills and least number of deaths. For Slayer it’s understandable but objective gametypes who ever tries to get the objective is automatically going to have more death than someone going for kills.

● Performance Based Matchmaking I absolutely hate with a passion for objective gametypes.

In Slayer it’s cool to some degree as long as it’s going by your KDA ratio and not by what weapons you use to get kills with like the version in Halo 5 end cycle. Because that version is basically forcing you to play a certain way and player choice is taken out of the equation if you get cheap kills. But if that’s the case then don’t put cheap weapons on map if you’re going to give players negative points if they use them.

I remember playing Halo 5 with this system and me and my friends played all 10 games and loss one game and I came in second for every game for KDA and played the objective while using every weapon but the OP Magnum and I was ranked a Gold 2 while my friends got a Diamond 6. So, since I didn’t use the Magnum, I’m put in a low grade level :unamused::expressionless:ok. Which after that I literally stop playing Arena all together.

But as for objective gametypes in Halo someone has to get the objective in order to win and those that try to will most of the time have a ton of deaths and not a lot of kills. (Unless there running with a good squad) But if a player is getting more deaths to get the objective, they shouldn’t be punished for playing the objective in a objective gametype.

Like there needs to be a system put in place that rewards players that carry the flag and transfer it🏳, holds the ball, and spends time capturing the stronghold. Those players should be rewarded more than the ones that literally don’t play the objective and just go after kills only. Don’t get the wrong idea I understand you have to kill to score. But you know the type of players that will not even go for the objective at all or that go for it after its halfway to the base or captured.

Which is one of the many reasons why I don’t play MCC that much because most people don’t go after the objective at all and I’m really hoping that this doesn’t become a normal thing for Halo Infinite.

If you don’t get rid of this system then at least release a Earn Point System Picture in Rank Performance Based Matchmaking that everyone can click on in game.

● Win/Lost Base Matchmaking

This system needs to be put into Halo Infinite instead of Performance Based Matchmaking.


In BTB I love the AR and Magnum start off because it makes people go look for other weapons to use instead of starting off with a BR and players rarely use something else which becomes stale gameplay experience. Because you always know or have a clue of the combat situation that’s going to happen. But with AR start off it has that random experience to it because players are looking for something better to use while exploring the map and learning new ways to play the game.

BTB Playlist

As for the whole Playlist thing for AR and Magnum start off and BR Magnum start off, I think it would be better to have two different versions.

● BTB Rank Playlist you start off with BRs and a AR or Magnum with No Motion Sensor and play gametypes that would be considered competitive style for BTB.

● BTB Social Playlist you start off with AR and Magnum with Motion Sensor and you play gametypes that’s more towards that social gameplay experience. Plus, you can add in extra gametypes that you normally wouldn’t use for Matchmaking and add something new and different and see how the community react towards it. For example, CTF with Sniper Rifle and Energy Sword, 3 Oddball where there’s 3 balls on the map, SWAT CTF, CRAZY KOTH, Fiesta Stockpile and so on.

You don’t necessarily have to make a Action Sack BTB Playlist just throw all those gametypes in the Normal Social BTB. That way it keeps the population big without dividing it up too much.

In the long run of things, it will give people a chance to have a choice of options and meet that middle ground of things. If you want BRs Starts, go play Rank and if you want AR Starts with other versions of gametypes play Social. That way everyone is happy :blush: instead of picking one over the other.


As for Vehicles it would be nice if stronger vehicles that would pop up more often. Like maybe in the future if there’s Vehicle Variants those can be thrown into the mix to make it more interesting.


All the version of the Warthog I absolutely love and loved how you have to aim ahead of your enemy with the gun turret. But the turning on the Warthog will definitely take time to get used to. But I will say I didn’t like how if you were close to any walls, it felt like I was pulled into them for some strange reason.


The Ghost was amazing to use and it’s a beast on the map which makes the sandbox experience better and it’s not just about the warthog anymore. :+1:


The Banshee this time around felt loose and easier to use but it still dies to fast by the Sniper Rifle. But hopefully we see the Banshee from Halo Legends Episode Prototype which I still prefer that version over any other versions.

Power Ups

Active Camo

The Active Camo is good to use but time frame on it is a little too short and you can still be seen if you’re just walking around. I can understand if you sprint 🏃‍♂️ or fire your weapon but just walking or even standing still mmm not a fan of it.


The Overshield New White Glowing look to it I’m definitely a fan of it. Which has that classic feel to it. But I do wish you got 2 Shields instead of 1 because it basically saves you from 1 death or get rid of the decay for the Overshield.


Grapple Hook

I gotta say right now I’m loving the Grapple Hook compared to the Tech Preview Version. But I hate how you can grab a vehicle way above you even though its outside of the normal for when you are on the ground.

Custom Games

In Custom Games I noticed it’s setup like Halo 5 which I don’t mind but I was definitely hoping for something new.

I noticed that one option was missing from the Custom Menu but its in Training Mode. Like… Changing up Equipment for everyone or certain teams. Then other things like Turning Off Pelican drops for Weapons and Vehicles, and Melee Knockback. Then I noticed that if you turn off Shields and Health it doesn’t even turn off the effect and the Health shows it at 50%.


The Bots are a nice addition to the sandbox experience for new possibilities to happen. I’m excited that we finally have Bots to use in Halo. Now the people that Forge maps can test them out before releasing it to the community. The other things I like are you can use them in custom games to train or just to have fun with.

Now I did notice that if the gametype doesn’t match up to the normal settings for certain gametypes like CTF where the flag returns if you drop it. Which happens pretty often if a enemy player starts shooting them they would literally drop the flag and it would return every time.

Then other times the Bots would grab a weapon off the wall to never use it.

Then if you start everyone with certain weapons the Bots will only use the strongest weapon not anything else. Every now and then they will use the other weapons. But it’s still super rare.

The other thing is Bots never get in a Vehicles which definitely needs to change.

One thing I would definitely like to see is, put a personality option on the Bots like….

Revenge - Going for the person that just killed them.

Pray - Kills the person that has the most kills

Points – Going after the Player that has the most points

Noob – Going after those that are new to the game.

Then the last thing is put a add and remove option in the custom game menu. So, if a player quits then a Bot would be automatically added to the game on whatever team needs them to be balance. Then if a player joins the Bot will be removed from the Game.

Future Ideas :bulb:

First Person Mode for the Vehicles

First Person Mode for the Vehicles would be a nice addition to the sandbox experience. The way this could work is give each vehicle a unique HUD experience that gives the player a Waypoint or Highlight the enemy of what’s in front of you and it shows the player where your shots will land at. Which would be extremely helpful for the Wraith since it shoots with a arch. This mode could be available for everyone in your player setting or you can make it a option in custom games or in Forge. Which makes the sandbox experience even better because you have a option to have 1st Person view with Limited HUD Experience to only what’s in front of you with extra abilities or have the Classic 3rd Person view and you can see all around you.

As for adding them into Matchmaking it really needs to be looked into because I can definitely see people out there not wanting them in there while others would be OK for it. Like if you’re playing Rank they should only be added in if a player quits for some reason or doesn’t get loaded in. They should only be at Recruit or ODST level to keep things balanced and so players can find people faster and finished the without taking forever to end.

Speed Boost

If the Speed Boost returns it should speed up everything and not just your base/sprint movement.

Damage Boost

If Damage Boost returns it should give you twice the damage on everything and not just with your weapon.

Technical Preview Thoughts and Ideas Phase 1&2

Main Menu

The Main Menu was a great experience for Music and I nice way to get around the menus. I still wish there was Social Area we can talk and do stuff around

Weapon Class

I like the idea of weapon class having its own unique character for this game which creates a better sandbox experience than ever before. For example

Human Weapons semi powerful but only go in a straight line.

Covenant/Banished Weapons has a Semi Homing weapon system.

Forerunner Weapons has the best of both worlds, plus it can bounce off of any surface type of system.

Having these systems put into Halo Infinite makes the game feel better in a hole instead of always having Human Weapons OP like the other Halo Titles. Which never made any sense and it didn’t match up with Halo Lore or the Sci-Fi Universe.

By making Covenant/Banished, and Forerunner weapons useful and unique as well making everything in the Sandbox have a certain character will make the game better but at the same time everything has a good and bad taste to it which will be very interesting for Halo Infinite.

Weapon Review

Human Weapons

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle was a very enjoyable weapon to use this time around. The weapon was balance and stayed true to the character it’s supposed to play.

Battle Rifle

As for the Battle Rifle it has a awesome experience where it felt like a M16 but it wasn’t OP. I have always hated the BR in Halo 4 and down because it always felt OP compared to the other weapons on map and for a weapon that kills in all cases makes a game very dull and boring.


The Commando was a interesting weapon to use and I say I had fun trying it out. Having a weapon that’s a mix between the AR and DMR was pretty interesting. But hopefully the Recoil stays the same so it’s different than the AR.

Side Kick (Magnum)

Now I’m absolutely happy that this Magnum is not OP and is only useful in CQC as it should be.

Bulldog (Shotgun)

Now the bulldog shotgun was absolutely trash only because it took way too many shots to take out a enemy. The range and spread needs a huge increase in order to make this weapon effective. In some cases, the shots of any weapon shouldn’t just disappear after a certain range but for this shotgun it disappears way to close to be effective. Like I might as well use a melee attack instead of the shotgun because how close you need to be.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher was the same old thing for the most part but I did like how it had a cool down where it wasn’t OP

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle I absolutely loved it because of the recoil for another shot.

Covenant/Banished Weapons

Pulse Carbine

The Pulse Carbine was absolutely my favorite weapon in the Preview. Because we finally got a powerful Plasma Weapon. Its literally the thing I’ve been waiting to see for a while now. But I really hope it’s not change in the final version like the Plasma Repeater tracking system in Halo Reach Beta or the powerful Carbine shots in Halo 3 Beta. Just because the Covenant Weapons are stronger doesn’t mean they have to be weak and pointless to use in the games. Every weapon should be powerful and be able to kill without fuss or putting a melee attack or grenade on the enemy.


I’m happy to see the pink death is back and better than ever before. But the sound effects need sound like Halo 5 and not a SMG.

Plasma Pistol

As for the Plasma Pistol it needs a huge buff in damage and the tracking system needs to work all the time or at least 95% of the time. But since you can’t EMP Vehicles any more than it needs some kind of second function like how it was in Halo CE would be nice. Having all Plasma Weapons slow down the player would be nice addition to category of weapons.

In the future I would definitely like to see Malfunction skull be added to a weapon a Variant version of the Plasma Pistol or as a weapon itself.

Forerunner Weapons


This Forerunner Grenade Launcher was absolutely horrible. The design for it is ok but there’s no orange or blue light effects which was a downer.

Frag Grenades

The Frag Grenades were ok, but I still wish the damage and radius was a tiny bit better.

Plasma Grenades

The blue fuzz was cool but it would be nice if it was stronger

Spike Grenades

I’m happy to see the Spike Grenades return and are useful and I hope they stay powerful and not like in Halo 3.

Map Varieties

As for different versions of maps at least make them look different than the normal. Like a night sky with lights on around the map or Banished style version of the map instead of the Human or Forerunner version. What it does is make it easier to know what’s on the map for the player and so no one is getting confused.


Grapple Hook

The Grapple Hook is an awesome addition to the sandbox of Halo but it’s extremely overpowered just like the Jetpack was in Halo Reach. I really can’t express this enough but I wish the limit was brought down from 3 to 1 or 2 use or even shorten the length of it. If you won’t do any of those then increase the time for it respawning on the map. I understand that the community is behind it right now but I can see it now people complaining about people flying around like Spider-Man in Halo. Like since Spider-Man is popular this year because of the new movie seeing a Spider-Man Master Chief Armor wouldn’t surprise me.

Halo Community
To the Halo Community in no way am I trying to be toxic towards anyone or this game. This is just my personal review of what’s been release so far. Other than that, thanks for reading it and have a nice day.


personally, if 343 can’t get the monetization greatly improved. halo infinite might end up being the second Destiny 2 launch disaster. monetization that almost killed a AAA franchise.