Halo Infinite Beta Issues, Glitches, and Concerns

Here’s a list of things I’ve found to be needing some looking into. I was to preface that I do not hate the game.
I want it to be the best it can be. Some may find it to be complain-y and naggy,
but I find this necessary in order to better the game and it’s life.
At the same time the devs are asking for feedback, and as players of this community,
it is our job to tell them if we find something wrong.
You won’t believe how many other communities are so against speaking up about concerns or complaints.

On to the list:
Challenge system is too grindy and rewards for free users are terrible. Why would anyone want to progress in the free battle pass when the only rewards are a handful of skins and buttloads of challenge swaps
(things the free users don’t use if the free BP is -Yoink!- and have less rewards and thus incentive to).

Minimap seems too small or at least doesn’t respond to a lot of movement at times. Minimap also doesn’t distinguish between who’s above and below. It needs to be more consistent and tell you if above or below.

Needler tracking is really bad when targets are moving and is obsolete in terms of automatic and tracking weapons. Needler needs better tracking on moving targets within 15 meters at least.

Shoulder armor is too far low for some models like the MkV B.
It ends up making them look awkward and useless as well as incorrect.

Queue countdown is annoyingly slow. The countdown should have the classic sound and speed. No one would want to wait through a sluggish timer in order to start finding a match.

Plasma pistol is obsolete. Doesn’t do enough to distinguish itself from the carbine and has no other quirks than the charge shot that is inconsistent as well. Plasma Pistol needs some kind of buff.

On top of that, having a Plasma Rifle would be a great alternative to the AR. Currently the AR is a one of a kind.
It shoots a lot of rounds and fast, is decent at close and medium range, and has a quick reload.
The Plasma Rifle would be a plasma alternative and be more useful in close quarters than the other plasma weapons. There are already several DMR-like weapons, so having weapons with similar roles isn’t a bad idea.

Mangler’s camera recoil is a bit too much. Having the camera force itself up and down, on top of the recoil and spread, makes it extremely hard to use for a weapon with terribly slow velocity.

Banshee’s base movement needs to be toned down a bit and the turn speed upped. It’s cannons are also very slow and do not do enough damage. Making strafe runs is like begging to get rocketed or grappeljacked.

Speaking of grapplejacking, the distance and counterplay of it is busted. Players can click on your vehicle and take it from an insane distance. The only way to not get jacked is have good teammates nearby or have a turret on your vehicle to shoot them off.

Vehicles also trip over terrain way too easily and collision is rigid and wonky. Vehicles need to move thru terrain more smoothly, and collide with each other without glitching out. Flipping is also really frequent. A lot of the times vehicles will flip over small bumps or go up walls then flip. Getting vehicles upright is also buggy. Often times the vehicle will be flipped twice making it upside down again, or won’t move it into an upright position, thus preventing you from entering, and sometimes hurting or killing you. It is also very slow getting out of a flipped vehicle. I find my character stuck in the turret seat for several seconds after flipping, before the automatic ejection (something that can be remedied with manual controls, but a concern nonetheless).

Intro cutscene text box glitches out during the loading phase.

Party counter glitches out when people leave. When people leave your party while in queue, the game crashes or fails to connect.

It is insanely easy to disable vehicles with shock. Shock weapons are hitscan (or at least close to) and cannot be dodged. The shock grenade is basically a free disable on any vehicle within throwing range.

Hammer is extremely inconsistent. It will sometimes kill full health enemies at 3 meters and other times knock shields at 2. At the same time, it’ll also one-shot warthogs, but direct hits with 2 rockets will not kill.

Challenges should not be tied to specific playlists. It already takes too long to progress anyways, with challenges like “Get 20 kills in the Rocket Hog”, a vehicle that spawns only sometimes and
isn’t a guarantee you’ll be able to use it, let alone know when it spawns. Other ones like “kill someone using a man cannon with a sniper rifle” are way too specific and are nigh impossible to do. The XP yield is also only 300. It’s not even clear as to what playlist the challenges belong to. Make challenges yield more XP, be simpler and more easily done in matches. Not be tied to specific playlists.

You should REALLY consider adding power vehicles at the start, or at least make them more frequent and not spawn in the open in front of bases.

Sniper scopes are also buggy and have input delay. Sometimes the scope is off center and the gun won’t fire immediately after clicking or pulling the trigger.

Shade Turret shield doesn’t recharge unless you get on or off it.

Chopper is insanely slow to turn and has horrid maneuverability. The guns are okay, but let it move better in place and turn faster to keep yourself from being shot in the -Yoink!-.

EDIT: The Launch Site map is very one sided for the defenders on 1 flag ctf, and everyone I played with doesn’t like playing on it.
Players leaving is also a huge problem as no one wants to stay in a losing match, especially if they joined part way.
As for player collision, No collision causes confusion during melee, as the phasing will thrust you into your opponent. I’ve had times when it was so bad, I was killed by an enemy looking directly away from me with a melee. It’s hard to keep track of your enemy when they are literally going through your body and it doesn’t help that lunging isn’t always consistent.

Again, I love the game and want it to succeed. I just hope that some of these are addressed and work out in the end. Also I added glitches into this list, because I wanted to compile my notes. I will be submitting those to support, as well. Thanks to anyone who read this and hopefully anyone at 343i. Keep up the good work.

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No 1 issue is TTK is waaaaay to long

Halo ttk has always been long. That isn’t inherently a problem. The problem is that some weapons aren’t worth using ever and some have no competition.