Halo Infinite Battlepass, Store and Multiplayer fixes

I think that an armour SET should be 2.50. EVEN 5 IS PUSHING IT as 5 sets = 25 euro = over 1/3 the price of the campaign (5/12ths). If it was 2.50, it would be 12.50 for 5 sets which is how it should have been. I’m not a mindless piggy bank!!! and I think that what I am suggesting here will be far more popular and get everyone BUYING stuff!!!

Armour cores should be compatible with all coatings. I and many others bought an e-sports coating just to discover that we cannot put it on the reach spartan which most of this seasons unlocks are for.

There should be more armour/coatings in the Battlepass and we should get more XP depending on our performance. 50XP for completing the match, bonus of 50XP for winning the match and then a bonus for your good performance

The ravager didn’t need a nerf

More objective based challenges along side being able to select what mode you want rather than it being a lottery when trying to get the mode you need. This also wastes double XP time

Putting emblems on visors like Emiles skull would be good