Halo Infinite-Battle Royale like game

So hear me out, I heard the hatred for BR games and the thought of someone doing that to your small team matchmaking brought a lot of people to tears, but I think BR would be amazing experience for Halo.


Squad sizes: 6-8
Map size: Large
Enemies: 5-10 other squads

Objective: Retrieve the (Covenant, Forerunner, UNSC) artifact.


  • Individually choosing where and how to land on the map as a squad.
  • 1 minute in you’ll get the ping on the map that the artifact has been located (randomly generated).
  • 30 Seconds later you get an urgent message that enemy AI have just came out of nowhere and are headed down there.
    *You as a squad must navigate other squads and the enemy AI both landing, and already patrolling the area, as you retrieve the artifact and then reach an extraction point.

Goals: The overreaching goals is to bring Halo Multiplayer into the forefront of multiplayer matchmaking again. The CQB, arcade style of halo is long past for many older players, and the younger generation just don’t know Halo as the real big multiplayer matchmaking game anymore.


*Should there be building?
-I think there should be buildable places, obviously building a satellite is one type of interaction/building, but I think armor abilities really reduce the need to build cover. Instead building bases for Anti-Air/Mortars/Generating Vehicles or Faster Respawns.
*Should there be friendly AI?
-I think it would be fun if you could link up with “Lost/isolated” marines and have them join you, but their ability would obviously have to be limited.\

thanks for your time, sorry I want there to be BR in Halo :slight_smile: