Halo Infinite Battle pass

As a Halo Fan I love Infinite but the battle pass will be the down fall of the game reason 1 is that it is so difficult to complete weekly challenges like complete 2 Matches of oddball, you will get odd ball out of 20 rounds and that’s just 1 challenge. Reason 2 is that you will have to spend $10 for every battle pass. cause there is no 2ay to get credits in the Bp after purchasing it and 3rd reason is there is no 2ay to get xp in game that’s the whole point of a multiplayer why would you remove the xp through match option it is a bit annoying , say you play 100 matches of Btb you will probably only get up 4 tiers where as if there was xp based on performance it would be a bit farther like 10 tiers, if anyone else has any complaints please comment them and feel free to let me know yours