Halo Infinite Battle Pass System Recommendations

I’ve been playing Halo Infinite for the past week very consistently and have seen the backlash from the community. These are the changes I’d recommend going forward currently and when the Fracture Battle Pass and Seasons 2 and onwards release:

  • Fracture events should have a way to slowly earn progress for those who want to complete everything before the “6 other weeks” to earn the rest of the unlocks.

  • Progress for Season 1’s current length is pretty good. I would recommend upping the values on short (3 month) seasons compared to Season 1 (6 months). Its a battle pass, it should take some time to earn these things considering we have 6 months.

  • Adding alternate variants of armor sets in the Fracture event is not very consumer friendly. Going forward we should have access to alternate versions of limited timed content.

  • Prices in store are way to pricey for the content. I’ve played a lot of Rogue Company and I see this just a thing with F2P games now. But considering Halo’s customization has always been free, this is just more salt in the wound. However, I do understand that campaign unlocks are probably going to help soften the issue. I’d recommend halfing the prices or adding paid currency kinda like how Rogue Company has it set. Logging in and completing all seasonal weekly challenges to earn paid currency.

  • Speaking about the store, more armor please. There is not enough variety to help players create unique looks from other players. Some base armor unlocks like in Halo 3 like CQB at the start helped people have a bit of customization to work with.

  • Content in Season Passes so far have mostly been XP and Challenge Swaps. This needs to be more focus on cosmetic items. Challenge / XP swaps should be an additional reward for Weekly Challenges completed.

  • Store rotations should consist of a couple of Daily Items and a couple of Weekly Items. There needs to more options than just 4 every week.

That’s all my thoughts for now. Like to hear what the community thinks.