Halo Infinite Battle Pass Feedback

Currently I have a bit over 6 hours played in the game and my battle pass is on rank 2. Being able to progress the battle pass only by completing challenges feels clunky and slow, as some of the challenges tend to feel frustrating to complete and it takes the player’s attention away from the core gameplay. Instead of trying to play objectives and rushing to the fight with my team mates, I try to find the weapon that I need for one of the challenges and try to get kills with it. What adds more fuel to this frustration is the possibility of one of these challenges being bugged. As an example: The Pulse Carbine challenge called “It Bears Repeating” is not progressing in Big Team Battle.

It was exciting news that there would be no need to hurry with the battle pass, as the battle pass seasons are not time limited and there would be no Fear Of Missing Out for the players. But the progression moving at a snail’s pace is not any better, it just makes the game feel even less rewarding.

One of the suggestions I have been reading from other fans is giving the players battle pass XP from matches played and an increased amount if the player manages to win a match. This could definitely work as an hotfix. Later on what could be done is to give XP based on your match stats (kills, assists, medals).
These were just suggestions in the waves of feedback and suggestions about progression that is currently hitting these forums and your social media channels.

This is still one of the best shooters that I have played in a long time. But without a rewarding progression system, what is the thing that makes me come back to the game to progress and unlock the desired armor pieces for my Spartan?

I was planning on buying the battle pass, but currently I don’t feel that the progression system is fitting enough for the game and its players. I’m really hoping to see some sort of hotfix to this issue.


Totally agree. I welcome the fact the pass won’t just end but we have to be rewarded for good gameplay (xp for double kills, triple, wins etc). Also the paid xp boost thing (very short time for your money) for 200 is just a bit wrong.

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It’s been “updated” but it still way to slow and the rewards aren’t even worth it. I like playing the game but with no actual rewards or access to those rewards I’m very disappointed. The mcc battle pass is amazing, infinites a huge let down.