Halo Infinite - Battle of Sydney DLC (Campaign or Firefight Level)

Once 343 addresses the more critical multiplayer issues, wouldn’t it be nice to have some additional campaign/firefight missions from time to time?

Some flashback / prequel missions might be nice to have, MC mentioned a great example, called the Battle of Sydney during Infinite’s campaign. This prequel could give players more clarity into how “The Weapon / Cortana 2.0” was developed, in addition to the events occurring pre-Infinite.

While the Created invaded Sydney (UNSC headquarters), you would see an impressive skyline, where the UNSC frigate Plateau and accompanying Broadswords engage one of Cortana’s Guardians. Meanwhile, on the ground, you would have Warden Eternal(s) and his forces (Promethean + Covenant) engage UNSC forces inside the city, while you play the role of a Spartan (assuming Chief wasn’t there) along with other allies to defend the city. Firefight could work well, as you attempt to hold off as many of Cortana’s troops as possible.

After surviving as many waves of enemies as possible, the mission will direct you to flee to an underground bunker, right before the Guardian decides to release an EMP across the entire city, disabling the UNSC frigate, causing it to crash towards the city. As expected, Sydney gets destroyed, but the UNSC survives underground, where Halsey creates another Cortana.

Since many of Halo’s greatest missions occurred on Earth (remember New Mombasa from Halo 2 and Halo 3: ODST and Voi from Halo 3), wouldn’t it be nice to get a glimpse of futuristic Sydney, which served as UNSC’s headquarters?

Many of Halo’s greatest multiplayer maps also occurred on Earth, such as Zanzibar (Halo 2), Longshore (Halo 3), Headlong/Breakneck (Halo 2, Reach, BTB), and Windward (Halo 3 ODST). City maps tend to be fairly popular, such as Halo Reach’s Boardwalk, and they also present fancier locations such as Club Errera in the campaign (dancing brutes and grunts).

Its been a joy hearing everybody and their mums share their ideas for Campaign DLC.

The reality is that 343i definitely already have a lot of work finished for the first batch, and they have a pretty good idea in terms of where they want to take the narrative going forward.

343i are nerds like us man, they know all the options available, then they pick one that they like the most and that’s that.

I stand by my prediction that they’ll release DLC annually. Too much potential to not be explored or expanded upon.

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Only if Chipps Dubbo is there.