Halo Infinite Ban Time and Information Thread

Seeing as how there is a lack of information about the current ban system, I’d like to crowd source some data.

Please share your measured ban lengths, and what you think you did to obtain that ban.

I’ll start:
In the first week of the game’s beta, I received a 5 minute ban after approximately 5 quits. The number of quits isn’t exact, but I know the ban length was definitely 5 minutes.

I continued to quit games after this ban, trying to get the gametype I needed for my challenges.
My bans increased in length.

As far as I could tell, my second ban was 15 minutes, and my third was 30. I think I then got a 1 hour ban.

So, my very, very unscientific list is:

1st offence: 5 minutes
2nd offence: 15 minutes
3rd offence: 30 minutes
4th offence: 60 minutes

If anyone has a bit more clear data, please share, and I’ll update this post.
Please try to be precise as you can, I’m not interested in the “I quit 1 game and was banned for 24 hours” posts, because that’s probably not true, and likely hyperbole.

Let’s be objective, gather data, and make a good resource.

problem is it takes about 5 minutes to quit a game so by the time you leave the counter is gone. That or the leave penalty only counts if you leave before the game starts, because i left some games and never saw a ban until later when i left a game at the begining.

How does it take you five minutes to quit a game?

I was quitting after the game loaded, but during the ‘intro video’. It’s not a five minute process to quit out of that.

This was because I didn’t know you can check your fireteam list while the map is loading to see what gamemode is loading. (Now when I quit, I quit before the game itself loads, and haven’t got a ban yet).

I dunno all I know is i quit games and did not see any ban until i quit from a game that had not started.

Quitting what Ranked??? I quit like 20 games in a row in Quickplay literally when it was showing the Spartans before match start and I had 0 penalty lol I did this for 1hr Saturday night and 1hr Sunday morning just quitting and queuing usually 5+ games in a row lol never got any penalty

Stop quitting matches man, it is super annoying for everyone on your team…. Whybwould you do that to people?


Quickplay puts a bot in your place and refills with a new player, now if he’s talking about ranked then yea don’t quit that

But if I’m in Quickplay with my limited time to play, I’m not wasting it on just any match, only matches I can progress challenges

I have had many matches where we were playing a sweaty matchof oddball and my teammate leaves and we lose. The whole game thrown because someone left.

I play halo to have fun and i have fun by playing a fair match. When my teammates leave…. The game is no longer fun.

Ranked or Quickplay your not specifying lol

Ranked - I agree with you don’t quit

Quickplay - like I specified refills your spot with Bot then with a new player which ranked does not

Does it matter? My enjoyment of the game is ruined because people leave.

leaving matches makes everything worse for your team.

Hey, I understand what you’re saying, but that’s not the purpose of this thread.

Thanks though.

Yea it does like I specified, in Quickplay doesn’t matter if 15 ppl quit, you will have 4 ppl/bots the whole match lol

In ranked if 1 quits your playing a 3v4 if 2 quit your playing a 2v4

That’s a big difference lol

Bots don’t do anything and most of the time another person does not get put back in.

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My point though is please don’t leave matches

These were quickplay / BTB games.

Perhaps the rules changed from week 1 until now? I’m not sure.

But I definitely was getting bans in week 1 when quitting from the Spartan intro screen.

I’ve been in countless matches where both teams player list is like 12 ppl cause ppl left, and end result we still had 4 real ppl lol

And I could care less cause there’s nothing effecting ne lol there’s no K/D on my profile lol no wins, and my rank isn’t being effected cause it’s a
Now you
Quit in my ranked match I’ll be pissed cause that effects my rank
Quickplay effects nothing lol

And did just now read the whole of your post…


I see how my post is kinda in aproprite in this context

Your expirence is not mine.
People leavin go ruins my enjoyment of the game. Case closed

If you don’t want ppl quitting stay in ranked, you’ll usually only run into ppl who disconnect which us rare lol

But as there’s no penalty for quitting in Quickplay and no incentive yo play a match if it offers you nothing then you’ll see ppl quitting lol

@xWolfey8025 and @LordMortecai - I appreciate your interest in the topic.

I didn’t want this thread to be a 'THIS is why I quit" against a “Don’t quit, quitting is bad” thread.

This is a thread meant to gather information about how the ban system works.

Reach, MCC, H5 - all had dedicated thread that explained the actions and associated punishments.
That’s all I’m trying to achieve here - data, not opinions.