Halo Infinite Assassinations

I just watched the Halo Infinite multiplayer trailer, and I noticed a scene where someone was melee-ed from behind without performing any special animation for an assassination. This got me wondering if they are not making assassinations like Reach/4/5 had, OR if they may be planning to release them as payed content since the multiplayer is going to be free. I personally really care about assassinations as assassinating people in Halo influenced my taste towards similar play styles in other games. (Such as Spy in Team Fortress 2 or going for a stealth build in Cyberpunk 2077) But I do think that making assassinations payed content (such as buying different animations) would be a nice way to monetize Infinite’s multiplayer without taking away from the customization that fans love in Halo. (Such as armor pieces and visor colors) Any thoughts?

I think it was just a case of the person doing a simple melee attack, just like in Reach. I doubt they would try to make assassinations a purchasable product because as you said, it creates a new taste for players on how to play the game.

I do hope assassinations keep their position and stick throughout the saga.

That’s the only part of the whole reveal that worried me. I hope it was just the guy doing a simple backsmack and not trying to do an Assassination