Halo Infinite Armor Cores

Seeing how we have the current selections of armor for specific armor cores MK VB and MK VII, when will we get the MK VI armor core? We know it exists because chief wears it in game and there are promotional armor coating images that feature the MK VI armor core with different colors. Another thing that I find confusing is if we will get the MK VII helmet for the MK VI armor core like in the MCC Halo 4 multiplayer. Will the armor core launch with the campaign or in a separate season? Will the core be in the battle pass or free? I understand 343i is busy with the rest of Infinite but they can’t leave the community in the dark with the most iconic armor set in the series.

Id love to get chiefs armor for mm. Though make it truely challenging to nab!

I think it would be great if it was like katana in 3. Get all achievements you get chiefs armor! So in this case either all 1000g in campaign or all 1600g we have atm

I really want chiefs armor for mp, but i want it a badge of honor! Hell we got a speedrun and a laso achievement in campaign! Make it a laso reward!