Halo infinite armor and guns???

I was curious of what the armor is going to look like in Halo infinite? I know it’s going back to the old style of Halo 2/3 but i’m Wondering what would they look like. I was also wondering what would the new Battle Rifle would look like in Infinite. That’s all!

It is suggested that the armor might be going back to a more old school style with what little we’ve seen. Chief’s helmet in the trailer seems to utilize the best of both his old school and his 343 look, while the body armor looks much more Bungie style overall.

The Battle Rifle in the Infinite announcement trailer is the 343 (H4/5 Battle Rifle) but with a different paint scheme and wielded by Marines with a more classic look instead of the Nerf armor from H4/5. Ultimately we don’t know a ton, but the negative reaction towards much/most of H5’s style and the positive reaction to Halo Wars 2’s hybrid art style (a little bit of both old and new) might signal a partial return to form.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it. Obviously they’re chasing the MkVI vibe with Chief’s look in particular. They’ve said that fans of Reach’s customization will be pleased with how customization works in Infinite, too, which is another distinct visual influence from either Bungie’s Halo 1-3 aesthetic and 343’s Halo 4 and 5 look.

Both the non-343 styles appeal to me more than the visually busy and texturally flat look of Halo 4 and especially Halo 5. If we get armor with the same sort of simple, strong designs of Bungie’s original sets with the same kind of worn down texture personality as could be seen in Halo: Reach (or, an exciting option that’s been floated elsewhere on the forums is the idea that armor wear and tear might be an awesome customization option itself), they might really be onto something.