Halo Infinite and the need to alter the monetization plans

alright 343, inline with your S.M.A.R.T. feedback structure, I will try to say how any why you should alter the monetization scheme.

First why people are angry:
so 343 I am sure you noticed that a lot of people are mad about your current monetization model. IDK if you care or are being told by your live services “expert” that it does not matter as long as just 5% buy into it. However it does matter. You have to realize that Halo has endured because of Fans. Fanfics, cosplayers, conventions, fan art, and these forums have kept this series alive. Those here keep the game in others minds and generate content that you do not have to do a thing to have. However if you burn people with broken promises or exploitative schemes, people will leave. Look at star wars, it has been brought low due to mistreating the fans and bad content. As for Infinite gameplay wise it is actually being hailed. but monetization schemes can ruin what is a otherwise good game. People are mad with the current system because the prices in the store are 20 bucks for a armor set. Even Cod only is charging 10 or so dollars I believe for a bundle. Even apex only charges like 5 bucks for skins. So yeah your store is crazy. Also people believe the battle pass is just to slow. You might try to argue some of the reach progression was longer. But Reach did not have people shell out money for the customizations. Reach also had a fair amount unlocked early on before it slowed down. Reach also awarded more for performance, completion, commendations and challenges. So even though there was longer lags between ranks as your got higher, it did allow for various ways of earning points. On top of that people like to choose what map, and game mode they play. Current system doesn’t even allow for a vote on the map, a staple of the series since halo 3.
People like to feel that the work was worth the reward. This is because people feel as if you are pushing them to spend ridiculous sums of money in xp boosts, and xp grants. They feel this way because it might take 1-2 hour to go up once in rank. This is a real downer as especially in early levels they expect to go up in rank every 2-4 games. It doesn’t help that game completion only gives 1/20th of the required xp, and at best for highest rated challenges (which may take multiple matches to get) you only get 3/10ths of the required amount. Even if technically you are leveling up at a constant pace, the way it does it makes people feel as though it is slow.

proposed solutions
to try and solve some of these issues I want to propose the following:
monetization for the store:
lower the cost of items to comparable prices with games you are competing with.
Offer things like special armors/ armor patterns and decals in the store instead of ones that are basic or classic. Example instead of offering the EVA armor and the color blue, offer a digital camo pattern and new armor set like your samurai armor.
do this possibly a sprint or two from now.

Mix the unlocks
Offer some classic helmets/armors in achievements. examples
unlock classic mark V armor by completing campaign on heroic.
unlock master chiefs current armor with legendary.
unlock CQB helmet or armor when you finished placement for ranked
unlock security helmet or armor for unlocking the loot cave

bring back commendation medals and grant a small sum of XP for doing them giving ones for campaign and for multiplayer. giving people another avenue for XP switch the weapon challenges for this.
increase completion xp to 100xp. that way it is 1/10th of the amount needed.
give some xp for performance, people might argue that it allows players who are better to unlock things faster, but to be honest that is the way it should be. It do not punish those who do worse, and still would give players who aren’t good xp regardless so it is actually a positive for everyone. People think it is unfair because the unlocks in cod also correspond to weapon attachments and upgrades which changes combat. Halo does not have this issue.

Basically you need to make it so that the average player playing 1-2 hours a day can reach the end of the battle pass (especially the paid one) in 50-91 days. This is also a generous estimate towards you 343. Your might think that this is low, some people might spend 1000s of hours. you even have this current battle pass set to be there for almost half a year. that isn’t normal in a battle pass game. Having a battle pass season last 5.2 months is not the standard for them. Apex for instance has a average season of 90 days, and yours has a first season of 158 days. Apex has only had one season that lasted a comparable amount of time. Most average folk especially if progression seems unfair or slow may only spend 100s of hours through out the whole games life span. an example of this is halo 5. in halo 5 guardians I only have 325 hours in the game as a whole. that is since 2015. I have much more than that in other halo titles, like in halo 3 and 4 in high school I spent much more time on. Reason is even though I love halo I got fet up with halo 5 microtransaction. The progression felt unfair and random. All I wanted was the ODST armor and classic mark V helmet and to date the loot boxes never gave me that and I was not gonna spend a crap ton of money to do it. here people feel like the progression is slow due to the fact the challenges are more like the commendations from previous games(which took much longer to do) and there is a factor of chance in the current game mode and map selection. this makes people frustrated and makes the game feel tedious. so making a selection for game mode and then voting for maps would help.
these changes should be done as soon as possible. like current or next sprint.

even if your current system isn’t changed a huge amount by these changes you can see that it may change the perception of it. As people like to have a variety of ways to earn stuff. they also like to feel like they are doing it at a comfortable pace. People in halo also like having the ranks like sergeant and stuff. even if it means nothing it is something people can use to measure their progress.

  • performance based xp
  • more free unlocks
  • cross core customization / no locked armor sets
  • gain store credits by gameplay

for campaign buyers:

  • custom coating generator (simple 2 color customisation style)
  • custom banner emblem generator (simple 3 color customisation style)
  • 1 battlepasses included with campaign (stacked ontop of whatever is bought)
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