Halo Infinite and the MCC needs Multiteam

One of my favorite modes since Halo 3 has received no love or updates in years! Multiteam is long overdue for a comeback.


WoW you’re right I forgot all about that.

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Might need to make more maps that can cater to multi team first before they can really do that. The options we have currently, at least most of them, seem like they 3 and 4 team matches might not work well with them just yet.

I thought 3 teams of 2 would work pretty well on most arena maps.

I’d love to see it happen.

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I talk about this all the time. It amazes me how we went from like 8 team colors with Bungie to 2 with 343. We don’t even have 5v5 Slayer anymore. It’s 4v4 now. Most recently this conversation came up again when I was working on Mario Kart battle maps, I remembered that we can’t have 4 Mario Kart teams STILL.

In Forge files, there are like 5 other team flags with different team icons, but they’re all red, so idk if they were scrapped alt teams or what

Technically, all you need is 2 colors for teams. Your Team, and the enemy teams. The enemy teams can technically all share the same colors and be just fine.

Not many game types would ever need more then that technically. The only ones that come to mind are usually special types, like Hunted in the Team Fortress series where there were 3 teams. President, President’s Body Guards and Assassins, where the President and the BodyGuards were allied technically.

Actually, if you want to go a step further. You only really need outlines for your teammates period. They could have honestly removed enemies outlines and colors out right and it’d be fine. People would properly prefer it since the outlines often give people away. You’d only need to colorize people on the Motion Tracker as friendly and Hostiles.

You don’t need to tell the difference between enemy teams but you really should be able to. Lets you know that two players might be about to shoot each other rather than both shoot at you, or if one team is about to win, I want be able to target them first.

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Sure, I don’t TECHNICALLY need to know which team an enemy is on, but I’d prefer to know if Green Team has the Oddball, which enemies are on Green Team, so I know who is protecting the Oddball, and who is on Red and Yellow, because those enemies will try to fight Green, and I can wait it out. Let the enemy teams fight, then swoop in while they’re low HP. If all enemies are Red, I can’t tell if they’re allied or not. All I know is they MIGHT attack me, and not each other.


I honestly think 3v3v3 would be the panacea for the sweatiness of Social games.

You are only adding one more player to the map.

But every situation is now 2v1.

And all the tactics that you sweat with to dominate the map and opposition in Ranked just fly out the window.

It’s glorious chaos. I loved it in Halo 5. And whenever my weekly group has 9 players we would go straight to 3v3v3.

I would be happy with just the two outlines; friends and foes… but if you really needed a third I’m sure it would be an easy option to implement.

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Forge items and spawns have settings for several teams.
Also read somewhere that Multi-team is coming at some point.

It’s most likely the UI again for Infinite which makes things problematic to implement it.

The magic word is “Custom”.

If 343 isn’t capable of implementing Multiteam, then we have to do it ourselfs. We could open a Xbox Live group chat for those who are interested in Multiteam. If someone wants to host a Lobby, he just sends a message into the group chat and everyone who is online can read it and join the Lobby.

If someone is interested for this (MCC only for me, not playing this other game!) just message me on Xbox Live with “Multiteam group” and I’ll try to add you to the chat for MCC.

Only came here to say that multiteam was my go to over multiple Halo’s. I miss it greatly and would love to see it back, preferrably as a playlist, but a custom would do if there was nothing else

Just keep in mind that there are 50% more players trying to shoot at you with 25% less players to watch your back. That’s okay but don’t underestimate how much chaos that will create.

The thing that worries me is the spawns. FFA already struggles to spawn you in without getting you instantly killed. Add in trying to spawn you anywhere near your team mates and it could all fall apart on the smallest maps.

Whether it’s 2v2v2 or 3v3v3 I really want some team based action.

Definitely not.

But if you consider that chaos is the antidote to sweaty play… more please.

The best part is there’s not a lot of ego boosting K/D going on.

Perfect time to introduce spawning on team-mate. And there are only two to choose from (3v3v3).

But anyway, it didn’t seem to be a huge problem in Halo 5.

Not saying you didn’t die on spawn. But that it wasn’t necessarily because someone was sweating on your spawn. More that you get caught in the cross fire.

We used to play 3v3v3 with power weapons on spawn. CHAOS.

As some people have already mentioned, the maps in Infinite could not handle Multi-Team, although, if they took map areas from the campaign, that would be doable, very doable.