Halo Infinite and ReShade, safe to use in Multiplayer?

So I’m probably not the only one with the blurry visuals issue in Halo Infinite, both campaign and multiplayer.
I found a ReShade that massively increases the visual clarity and reduces the blurryness on your screen. However, ReShade in Multiplayer is very hit and miss as it can be flagged as a cheat.

Just curious, does anyone use ReShade or know what 343’s stance is on this? I’d ask them, but there’s no option on the support page for just questions.

In general using 3rd party software to inject changes into a multiplayer title is hit or miss.

Good rule of thumb is that if it’ll get you banned in CSGO, it’s probably not a good idea to use it in other games.

However it’s really up to the player’s discretion.

Yeah that’s why I am a bit hesitant, some games are okay with it, some aren’t and then you run the risk of the anti-cheat flagging it as some cheat due to the injecting of stuff.

Not saying that you should, but if there was ever a time to test something it might be when you know there isn’t any anticheat that would flag you lol.

But like I said, it’s up to the player’s discretion. If it’ll get you banned in CSGO, there’s a solid chance it’ll get you banned in most other titles.

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It isn’t explicitly banned in CSGO like some other titles are, but it does run the risk of leading to a VAC ban when injecting dll into the game

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Hey man, did you get banned or no? i am curious, I want to use one as well and I hope I don’t get banned.

That is a tricky one, because on one hand, it seems harmless, but on the other hand it could potentially give you an advantage seeing as your reshade might remove some visual aesthetics or devices that might give you an advantage over the other players.

Personally if you were to use it, I don’t know how they would catch you since I don’t think they have a 3rd party detection software like Blizzard does.

My vote? Don’t use it, better to be safe than sorry.