Halo Infinite and it's PC issues

Hi, I wanted to talk about some issues I’ve been facing with the game (one of which were fixed and I’ll get to it later) and the things that have been killing the fun for me lately.

I’m a PC player, I don’t have nor did I ever have a console, so I can’t play Halo Infinite in an Xbox Series S or Series X, now the issues I’ve faced so far in the game is the fact that my reticle doesn’t switch color when I aim at an enemy, so it’s hard to identify whether what I’m looking at is an enemy or some part in the map unless I change the enemy’s color outline which is something I don’t think I should need to do given that the reticle changing color was taken away from us (PC players) in order to “mitigate” cheaters when all it really did was just nothing and take away some of the PC players.

Another issue I had was the fact that AMD GPUs don’t work well with the engine, the game’s engine seems to “abuse” GPU drivers in a way that makes them get a ton of load and because AMD’s drivers aren’t very well optimized, back in November when the game launched, if you had an AMD RX 500 Series GPU, your game or the driver would crash because of the “Async Compute” feature, this feature is driver reliant and the game was already putting a ton of load on the driver and GPU, now forward to January 29 of this year, AMD’s latest driver seems to be able to handle the game but not good enough, I had to force the game thinking that I had another GPU so the option would actually do something (After the issue was identified in Halo Support, 343 had disabled the option for all AMD GPU users or just all AMD RX 500 Series GPU users), and I was actually getting worse performance than I would without the option, 343 Industries needs to optimize Halo Infinite’s engine and AMD needs to work more on their drivers.

I actually had to switch GPUs with my brother (his GPU is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB and yes theoretically it’s a worse GPU than the AMD RX 570 8GB) so the game would actually run better and when we switched, it was running better, Nvidia has better drivers for Windows while AMD is the opposite and their drivers are very good in Linux but not so much in Windows.

When I still had my RX 570 in my PC I tried booting into Linux to see whether I could run the game or not and all I got was just getting my screen frozen and have the entire OS not respond.

So in conclusion, the one thing that has been killing the fun lately is the fact that the reticle won’t change color if you aim at an enemy in PC unless you change the color outlines each match because of how they kinda blend in with the map color palette and the thing that really disappoints me is how unoptimized and “half-baked” this game feels in AMD GPUs and I’m not really disappointed at the game not working in Linux, it doesn’t really surprise me either.

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