Halo infinite and it's life

Time to shelf the franchise, no matter how many times they try it will never work especially with those people at the helm or anyone from 343, they call fans threats to the franchise and dislike halo themselves. I really don’t see where else halo could go other than being shelved for years to come.


I just think it might be time for Microsoft to move development to another studio. Certain Affinity maybe?

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Give the rights to team Project Contingency or someone else that actually cares about Halo. Hire ForgeHub/Infinite Forges to make the maps. Let people that actually love Halo be the ones that work on the game

I actually kind of want Halo Infinite to flop so badly that they have to sell it back to Bungie to fix it. After a decade, we’re just exhausted with this repeat disappointment


Give the rights to team Project Contingency or someone else >>>>>> like Bungie!


“Sell it back to bungie”
If they do, I hope you have a PlayStation.

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Bungie retains full studio rights in their PlayStation partnership. It would be cross-play like Destiny, which would be hilarious. Halo on PlayStation. The Sony partnership is for a Destiny movie/tv show and future non-Destiny games, if the rumors are true. Halo would retain cross-play but probably add PlayStation support

If 343 wants a broader audience, then PlayStation would definitely be a very broad audience

Based on Destiny 2, do we really want Halo with Bungie? I mean, what if they just removed Infection to make room for SWAT?

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Based on Destiny 2, yeah, I’m sure we would have

  • a much better open world
  • better Campaign story lore
  • better coatings that work across all armor cores, weapons, and vehicles like D2 shaders
  • better multiplayer maps
  • more armor customization options
  • better cosmetics
  • better nameplates
  • cheaper shop
  • bigger shop
  • better UI
  • better multiplayer servers
  • better campaign side missions
  • better Co-op
  • better weapons (since Bungie aggressively does balance patches)
  • more frequent bug fixes
  • more frequent content updates
  • weekly update blog posts
  • more transparency
  • earnable free credits
  • more earnable cosmetics and armor
  • milestones
  • better events
  • better battle passes
  • etc etc

Most importantly, Bungie would respect the Halo IP canon
I’m sure they would love to unmassacre their boy
You can tell by their Bungie 30th Anniversary event that they still have love for Halo


That Canadian Youtuber that does 100 days on a Minecraft map?

It is almost time for Phase Two of my master plan. Season 2 - The Lone Wolves will decide whether Phase Two is withheld or continues onward.

Or just replace everyone at 343 with Certain Affinity and Blur. They get to keep the name 343, but remove the issues.

Bungie 2.0
I would welcome CA with open arms since they have shown a high degree of competence.


Whoops, my bad, good catch. I meant ForgeHub, the website that hosts decades of great maps made by Forge map makers, and fan devs, like Infinite Forges. I mean, at least it used to host older game Forge iirc, but Xbox 360 servers are gone now. Now it just mostly hosts Halo 5 maps. I see a couple Reach maps in there, so maybe people still post MCC maps. Either way, Forge map makers always make super cool maps compared to 343.

That’s because Certain Affinity IS Bungie 2.0.

He is THE man that lead it all. That’s why CA is competent. Max is the guy that should have been put in charge of 343. 4, 5, and Infinite would have been entirely different games. Nobody is better fit for the job than the man responsible for it in the first place.

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Interesting, you are comparing a looter shooter to Halo that has been out since 2014, that Activision had to save Luke Smith from literally almost loosing the entire player base by the time the first expansion launched.

Now I’m not defending 343, but a hell of a lot of the work wasn’t Bungie’s work, it was the work from the studios Activision provided.

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I’d say drop the 343 Industries name, it is simultaneously too tainted by the stench of failure & disappointment, and also the name of one of the most unlikeable characters in the original trilogy. I would say whoever they pass the Halo IP, rebrand them as Studio 117. Or hell, Noble Team. Anything and anyone would be better than 343 Industries at this point.

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Destiny has existed roughly the same length as 343, since both Halo 4 and Destiny were originally built with the Reach engine, and Bungie built the entirety of Destiny 2 from start up til now in Witch Queen in the same length of time it took 343 to give us bare bones Halo Infinite. Whether or not it’s a looter shooter isn’t even a factor in the mountains of content it has. Bungie broke up with Activision in 2019. 343 is part of Microsoft, with a far larger budget, and tons of outsourced work, and yet still delivered a dumpster fire of a game. Halo is the flagship title of Microsoft and Xbox. There is no excuse.

You’re correct about the time, but you didn’t look at the huge difference that actually matters. This is on 343 and why the game is in a poor state. Out of all the content that was outsourced, how many of the contracts are still going?

From the looks of it, it seems 343 doesn’t have the man power. This is why being a looter is a factor. Bungie has had since 2014 to work with customization and companies that build looter shooters that have been working with them for years.

So when you say it’s not a factor, you would be incorrect. Having a studio that knows and works with customization makes a huge difference vs a temporary contract.

Just because we know that Halo could be so much more than it is, doesn’t mean the executives aren’t happy with the profits. The only thing going on the shelf is more merchandise.

Not my fault or problem they chose the temporary contact route. They put the nails in their own coffin for that mistake.

I agree, it’s just I’m looking at what actually has taken place that explains a lot.

Because of their actions, it’s why I stopped playing. I have no interest in a game being built around a shop that hasn’t really offered anything in terms of content let alone quality content.

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