Halo Infinite and its Armor Coating System and Emblem Customization

I have been thinking about the customization for a few month now and have tried out the armor coating system during the tech previews and now the multiplayer beta currently.

I think what Halo: Infinite has currently when it comes to color customization being entwined with the armor coating system is mediocre at best as it being economically arbitrary with a coating that has a color a player really wants JUST for the color and not the coating itself, are in the Halo: Infinite shop for a dollar twenty in a bundle they do not really care about besides the color and only that. And is creativity straggling for the player base at worst when it comes to the lack of personal individualist player expression.
Not that what I am saying should be misconstrued as me illogically inferring what Halo: Infinites coating system is and I quote


No, not in the slightest!
I feel like coatings have a lot of potential honestly.
BUT ONLY if the coating system is properly implemented to maximize not only the creative potential of the player bases spartans, BUT also the viability to monetize it and make more money without stepping on the majority of the player bases ability to be creative towards their spartans in very personal and individualistic ways.

Now, what needs to be done in order to make this possibility into becoming a reality?
Well as I said before, it should not be trashed and ditched entirely. There is a lot 343 can do by salvaging and reworking the coatings system to truly EVOLVE the customization of spartans to new heights and “EVEN BEYOND” Halo: Reach itself further then just armor customization. They just need to “trim the fat off” as they say.

  1. I think it would be a appropriate and wise decision to untwine the coating system away from color customization and bring back the modular color customization from old legacy Halo titles. And the type I think most players would greatly appreciate the most is Halo 3 and its modular color customization, but expanded on in a huge way.

  2. Allow the player base to color customize their spartans with whatever color they are given shown in Halo 3, but with it not just primary, secondary and tertiary. But also quaternary, quinary, senary and septenary since Halo: Infinite has SEVEN layers to one coating itself as a entry level “flat color” armor coating.
    This will be very important later.

  3. If a player REALLY wants to take their customization to the next level and make their very own specific spartan aimed to represent them personally even further. They can break away from the standard “flat color” armor coating and buy a unique one off the store, (or unlock it through the battlepass that they bought) and customize it to whatever color they want through the seven layers the coating has to offer.
    Because of the sheer modularity of coatings, I think ten dollars would be sufficient cost for such a quality purchase because of said modularity.

That way, 343 can still make money with armor coatings. The majority of the player base can enjoy not just the now expanded modular color customization with a basic “flat color” armor coating, but also can buy and enjoy the (possibly) really good armor coatings 343 makes with modular color customization being the value that drives the armor coatings themselves.

If the third thing does not make sense, let me give you examples.

Example #1: If a player unlocks or buys a “Woodland Camo” armor coating for the Mark VII Armor-core platform, they can customize the color to be a red woodland camo at the players leisure.

Example #2: If a player unlocks or buys a armor coating for the Mark VII Armor-core platform that makes some or all their spartans armor all blinged out with a mild chrome or even a glistening chrome metallic finish, they can customize the metallic color. Imagine a literal gold spartan in FFA walking around just for everyone else to shoot at just them because of the fact they are LITERALY GOLD!!

Example #3: If a player unlocks or buys a armor coating for the Mark VII Armor-core platform that makes your spartan look like like a disturbing depiction of a “on the brink of death” spartan shown to have plasma damage almost penetrating down into vulnerable flesh beneath the armor glowing a particular color of said plasma damage, they can color customize not just the damaged armor but also the areas of glowing plasma damage too.

Emblems also need a rework. Add back full modular color customization to them. That is it.
Not is Halo 5: Gradians limited presets of color pallets at that games launch, I am already seeing THAT GAMES DNA being apparent in Halo: Infinites emblem colorization.

Color is quite frankly important in symbolically representing us individually and in a group, as well as expressing ourselves as human beings. All we want is true expansion of freedom of expression and for you, 343, to make great things without dealing with any more backlash. Because we just want you to make not just a good Halo game, but a great one.

If any other users have any ideas to add to the suggestions I given, questions, thoughts, opinions, or even want to constructively critique the suggestions I made. Please do say something! I like it when people engage and create healthy conversation on topics like this I myself feel is important to talk about. Because maybe 343 will take notice and maybe put it on the backburner to do later. Or possibly immediately after reading this! Who knows!