Halo Infinite and 343 Appreciation Thread--Positive Vibes Only!

I know there are issues but I want to make sure positive feedback is also presented for others and 343. Let’s give this thread a bunch of positive vibes…feel free to share the things you do appreciate about Halo Infinite.

Here are the things I appreciate so far in this game!

  • Game pacing and TTK feel very good.

  • Appreciate sprint being in the game but toned down a lot so as to facilitate the arena shooter vibe.

  • Appreciate 343 willingness to double down on the arena shooter and make it the best sandbox shooter it could be instead of trying to compete with all the battle royal games.

  • Bot and weapon training is an awesome feature to practice getting even better!

  • Appreciate how transparent you’ve been in regards to addressing feedback. While we may not always agree, I do appreciate the fact that you address it and add your reasoning behind the decision.

  • Appreciate you dropping multiplayer sooner as I was very excited to begin my Halo career again! Thanks so much!


You missed one, which is 343 trying their absolute hardest to make this the best Halo of all time. Thank you, 343 team.


Love the sandbox.
The makes are good.
It looks and sounds incredible.
The servers are rock solid.

Not even 343 believe that’s possible lol. Don’t set expectations that high

343’s love for Halo deserves acknowledgment.
I am definitely among those who don’t hesitate to criticise things. But I massively appreciate all that 343 has done for this franchise.

Here are my favourite things:

Halo 4.
My 4th or possibly split 3rd favourite game of all time (split with CE).
And my nr 1 favourite MP of all time. Unpopular opinion but I love it.

THE best video-game collection in existence…
And also the remake off my favourite game of all time, that doesn’t only do the original justice, but in my opinion even improves the game.

The 343 era has spoiled us with books, comics, live action/animated shows, and the list goes on.
I am literally more excited for some of the books now than I am for some of the games.

I know I didn’t write any Infinite things here, there is plenty good about Infinite too. I just thought it was a good chance to mention these thing as well.

Even if Infinite doesn’t turn out to be my cup of tea, I’ll still appreciate 343. They care. But it’s impossible to make everyone happy.
I have no doubts a lot of people will like this game.


Yep… finally managed to sit down and play some games last night. 1x online and then 2.5 hours of customs.

It’s awesome.

Movement feels crisp. I do miss thrusters and wouldn’t mind a touch more sprint… but it’s solid. The slide also seems to be slower to initiate. Love the faster pacing of the strafe.

I’m not having issues with the aiming. The lower AA seems to balance the reduced advance movement (ie. my accuracy seems on par with H5). But I’ve also always run with a lower sensitivity anyway.

The weapons are cool. Still haven’t got the hand of optimal distances or firing.

Bots are cool.

Can’t wait for the game to mature.


The new maps, music, armor and weapon designs are all amazing.
The new equipment is super fun to use even though i suck at using them in cool ways.
I love the new bots, and bot gamemodes. Playing against them cheers me up after I’ve been destroyed in a pvp game.
The tutorial in the academy, weapon drills and training mode are all really fun ways to get new players acquainted with the halo universe and gameplay.
The campaign looks absolutely amazing so far, can’t wait to play it next month.

I am really enjoying the carefree feeling I have when playing it. Big Team Battle feels so fun and chaotic. Stats are irrelevant, it’s all about creating epic moments.

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I agree Ken! So nice to just play this game and not worry about all the stats and K/D ratios and crap like that. Just focus on the objectives and winning the game.

I’m just plain having fun right now, win or lose. And I lose a lot. :slight_smile:

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