Halo infinite aim assist loss

I’m randomly losing all aim assist on a series x whith controller. Does anyone else experience this? I have multiple clips of it. I don’t have a mouse or keyboard plugged in either.

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I for example have yet to experience the mythical aim-assist that does all the job for you as all those failed PC players claim, and I’ve been playing the game almost for a year now…

Not much aim asssist in this game maybe for KM but from what i know creating bigger deadzones will help and also with auto aim you only notice it when multiple players are on your screen especialy the bots but when you move the left stick the auto aim kiks in so try not to have your right stick too nice as you will come away from the help of auto aim so its all in the strafe guys and also use the middle finger for that reason also to promote left stick action it takes alot of focus and patience but onece you learn to shoot with the middle finger it become more evidentual what the auto aim is actualy doing for your game . Try to understand your deadzone if you have them too low you will also loose the aim assist.