Halo Infinite AI

I love the game, but I have 2 things I hate about it.

The personal AIs are just simple blobs with eyes :eyes:. This does not go with anything in the halo universe. Never have we seen blob AIs with eyes. We’ve always seen beautifully crafted AI companions like Cortana, Selena, and the Weapon.

It’s my dream to play the game and equip Cortana as my personal AI. I want to see her when I capture the territories, and I want to hear her voice as I play.
I would have never asked for a blob AI. It’s something completely out of left field and far from the Halo Universe. I’d rather see human AIs do funny things like dance and sing.

My second issue with the game is obviously the lack of female Spartans. It just seems sexist. Women should be included and supported in everything.

The AI that are currently available are all “dumb” AI so far. And the blob AI has been a thing since H3ODST with the Superintendent of New Mombasa. I definitely would like to have Serina (RIP :disappointed_relieved:) as an AI as well, she’s my favorite other than Cortana. Hopefully “smart” AI will be added later down the line.

I agree with the female Spartans lacking representation, it sucks they’ve just been reduced back down to a voice like H3.

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Unfortunately I can’t post the Superintendent link here, but I did see the Superintendent on Halopedia :joy:

I can’t even believe it :rofl:

Thank you for showing me that brother :pray:t2:

I suddenly support these AIs in the game, but I still want Cortana and Serina too :broken_heart: