Halo Infinite: Achievements still not unlocking

I completed the campaign on Legendary a long time ago and killed all 15 HVT a long time ago and my achievements still have not been unlocked. Aybody know about this? Thanks.

Possibly related to the bug that was associated with quick resume.

I believe that they recommended that you don’t play on from a suspended game otherwise certain achievements would bug out.

I don’t have any more info than that though. I wonder if anyone else has managed to get these achievements to pop. When they release coop they are likely to release a mission selector. this might mean you can just play the last mission again when that happens.

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I sure hope we get the ability to choose missions rather than having to scour the open world for a long minute. Thanks for the reply, I never knew that quick resume had something to do with it, though if you’re referring to the xbox quick resume feature, I’m actually on PC. At least it’s a known issue across both platforms though.

Hmm on PC?.. In that case it must be unrelated. Unless you let the PC go to sleep with the game paused?

Best of luck though. Hopefully some PC guys can shine some light on a fix.

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I never let my PC sleep with a game running. Seems scarry to me. Thanks for your input though. Maybe it could have something to do with me alt-tabbing into another app while the game is running.