Halo infinite account not authorized to play

Whenever i try to log into the halo infinite flight, i get a “This account is not authorized to play Halo infinite” even though I’m using the account that i got the email and steam code for.

Im having the same issue :frowning:

im having the same issue its annoying anybody get it resolved??

same here

None of these steps worked for me but this is the best I could find on the subject but I’m still having this problem too. It’s apparently happening to allot of us hoping a quick patch comes in sometime today

Got the email and messages on waypoint saying I was invited to the flight but no matter what I do, it keeps telling me my account isn’t authorized. What’s the problem?

Same status for me and all my information and sign ins are correct

Hey guys mine fixed itself after I just repeatedly quit the game and restarted. So just keep trying and maybe the same will happen for you. Hope this helps!!

Same issue. “Your account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite.”