Halo Infinite a shared world shooter?

343 likes to try things like Spartan Ops and Warzone, maybe this game’s Multiplayer will be a shared world shooter like Destiny, the Division and Anthem.
The important difference would be that campaign would be traditional and independent from the possible shared world shooter Multiplayer which could also have it’s own narrative to tell.

I’m confused. What do you mean by shared world multiplayer? Do you mean like open world PVE that would replace regular multiplayer?

I doubt it.

More than that, I hope Infinite doesn’t go that route. Aside from the logistical difficulties, I don’t want a main line Halo game going this route. It would diverge too much from the kind of multiplayer experience I expect from a Halo game.

Destiny is basically NotHalo, so having a shared-world shooter Halo game would be redundant. They just need to basically copy the first 3 Halo games for the single player campaign. That’s something that no other game can do.