Halo infinite 99% fps never goes above 50fps on PC

So far on my finding on pc is that the game has a hard time pushing above 100fps, I have an RTX 3080 and an i9900k CPU, and I tried 1080p and at 4k. I didn’t really see a change in the fps from low to ultra graphic setting, maybe like a 10%. What I notice is that it didn’t matter how high my fps got. It still ran choppy because the 99% fps never went past 50fps. As this game gets patch and drivers get a release, it will fix the issue, but I just wanted to make you guys aware of the issue. As well, I as my friend that was playing the beta and he had a similar issue, and he has an RTX 3090. Other than that, the gunplay has been solid. I love how its face pace, and it still has hints of old Halo. So keep up the good work, and if I come across anything else, be sure to let you know!

I’ve also got a 3080 and a 5600X and having same issue as you. Very low GPU and CPU utilisation. Even at low setting 720p it’s not very stable 60fps during a match.

I’d just put it down to this build and assume they are already aware of the performance issues.

same i have a 3080ti and a 10700k locked 60 fps. menu will go 72-100
going to play around with the nvidia control panel and see.

Just ran amd metrics overlay while playing a couple of matches.
For WHATEVER reason, it’s loading from the CPU more than my GPU. I was seeing CPU use remain around 95% while in a match.
The GPU utilization sat around 50%.
This is with a Ryzen 7 3800x and a 5700XT 32GB ram.
Be careful with that level of CPU usage. Temps were going pretty high.

Same here, My game will start out at 40fps in game and drop down to 25-33fps, Uncapped Max and Minimum cap turned off helped a bit.

System Specs:
Ryzen 5800 Watercooled, Holds firm at 60C
Radeon 6800XT
32Gb Ram @ 3000Mhz

Drivers updated, Chipset & GPU. Power limits are set to max for Windows, No Overclocking.

Graphics settings, High or Low, don’t matter. My system is also CPU bound.
Game seems to only use 4-5 Cores(?) and loads them to like 90% or more while the GPU is pinned at 90-100%

Game is very, very CPU intensive… Makes it barely playable. I get 70fps in Menu pretty consistently and in training. Just not Multiplayer.

My 3090 and 3700x are set to 120fps max and min frame rates 4K max settings. Not noticing any stutters or slow down here.

Was watching a couple of people play on stream with a 3080 and 10700k. Even with their settings on low they couldn’t even get past 90 FPS. Tried it on mine with a 3080 and its still running too dang hot!

same here low gpu and cpu usage (~50% cpu with ryzen 3700x and ~60% gpu with rtx 3080) at 4k in low, uncaped fps in the settings and no minimal fps

Same here. I got average 24fps on low wtih amd gpu.
Driver: Software Version

Same here, not as beefy as a PC as some of you but still even on all minimum settings the FPS barely changes.

3080 Founder’s, 9700K, 32GB RAM, and same…can barely get it over 80FPS on medium settings at 1440P… The bigger issue is the game feels like it’s running at a lower frame rate than that even… It’s like the animations are all running at 15-20 FPS and look like a flipbook including enemy movement, even though the aiming feels like it’s at 80…very strange.

on a 3600x with 5700xt, 16 gb of ram. I can’t get above 50 fps no matter the settings.

RTX 3080 and i7 8700k and seem to max out at 70 FPS at 1440p. Tried messing in the settings but nothing seems to improve it.

Same issue as everyone else, low FPS on PC. Averaging around 40FPS with a 6900XT + R9 5950X and 64GB of RAM. changing settings doesn’t seem to make any difference.

3080 and 3700, 3440x1440 45fps and weird bobbing when running that makes you feel motion sick

RTX 3080 @ 1440p here with most settings at max and get 80 fps most of the time.

CPU is i5 8600k with RTX 3080 @ 1440p, settings low and 90 fps stable.
My CPU usage is 100% and GPU usage is around 15 - 20%.

get 70fps average with a 2080 and i7-8700 on medium settings with stutters and occasional dips to below 30 and it stays that way until the dipping strangely stops and goes back to 70 average by going into the pause screen

Anyone try upping their VRAM in the BIOS? I had to do this for Warzone. Helped tremendously and gave me about 120fps from 70

RTX 3090 @ 4K with 3950X.
Can’t get above ~60fps.