Halo Infinate Beta Summary

So the second halo Infinate Beta is complete and I got to play a good chunk of it on pc, I don’t know if there is another location to put this so I’m putting it here, I didn’t have many bugs occur other than the known ons

  • Duplicating wet floor signs - Rapid melee - Wired ai pathfinding to singular locations to just… stand…The only bug I seen not a lot of people talking about is that the game lags slot when your grappling onto another player or standing on a moving vehicle (like a tank).
    The main issues I have with the beta are technical and ui problems:

  • I wasn’t to annoyed when I found out there was no visual bullet indicator (if you didn’t play it’s just a number now) but in gameplay I was actually having a harder time keeping track of my ammo count and running into battles with a single br burst or 1 energy weapon shot from overheating… The option to custom rearrange the ui and add back the indicator would be great - While I love how realistic the guns sound now (cause they are real gun audio) my friend (who used the friend code I got) thought they were too loud, but when turning down sfx he could only hear the guns, maybe make an audio slider just for gunfire - In training mod on behemoth the enemy ai would continuously camp a single corner ledge of the map (tested all difficulties, it only did it on odst)That’s about all I have to report on but this beta (while jank around the edges) has satiated my desire for a new (classic style) halo game since reach