Halo Indie PC Game: Spartan 117

Hello everyone on the halo forums !!!

I wanted to tell you guys that my team (Digital Studios) have been working on a halo indie game in unity…

here you can view our game:

also, here is a teaster trailer

but remember... we don't have any budget... so it wont be as great as the original halo games :D

cya !

Hello, I’m going to provide a healthy dose of constructive criticism, so please don’t take any offense to the following; and keep in mind as you read it, that it is intended to be educational, constructive, and helpful in nature–and not bashing/flaming you:

  • There is virtually no content shown in this Teaser. It is quite literally 75-85% black screen, with a few sweeps of uninteresting, un-detailed locations. The goal of a Teaser is to grab attention, and tell a lot of information in a very short amount of time–especially in the very first shot. Your opening scene/shot should not be a black screen or credits–it should be a powerful establishing shot. You should get a solid idea of what you’re looking at without knowing the title of the game, any background info, or any reading of any sort.

For reference, here is a work-in-progress first shot you see of the project I’m working on (also in Unity, and ignore the statistics window in the upper-right): http://i.imgur.com/YXNKCLr.jpg

  • The content that you do show needs to be polished. For teaser trailers, all of the content shown needs to be as close to final as you can get it. Showing unfinished work leaves the impression that your final game will look like that.- After seeing your content on your gamejolt page, I see that you have some aptitude for Unity; but your UI–namely your start screen–needs some work. I understand it’s probably placeholder, but UI design is the much-ignored underdog that really ties a game together–both artistically and functionally speaking.

I can’t type out an entire lesson in UI design, but I can point out some basics to consider, if you haven’t been doing so:

  • Have a color scheme that really ties your UI together. - Keep shapes, proportions, and UI effects consistent.- Make the player read as little as possible. More information is picked up subconsciously than consciously. For reference, here is a UI concept I made (same project): http://i.imgur.com/k9KDVr8.jpg

I’m not sure of your level of education, age, or proficiency with Unity–but keep in mind what I said nonetheless. I love seeing indie projects, especially Halo-related ones! Just remember to tread carefully and avoid the ire of Microsoft’s legal department.

Here’s some background info on myself, if you’re looking for some credibility to my statements:

  • Graduate of 3-year Game Development program–Advanced Diploma- Recently hired on full-time for Gameloft Toronto–Flash Scripting position- Portfolio: http://mikeseguin.webs.com