Halo In-Game Consumables

Since this is a new game and I hate to waste anyone’s time. Ill get straight to the point.
Will consumables be added for either +Shield/Armor or +Bullet Style (i.e. FMJ as a special vs a hollow-point shot damage level penetration).
Just a thought. Would this decrease gameplay adaptability on specific consoles settings vs PC settings?
I’d love to read your thoughts and comments about consumables.

I think there will be any of this in the future. This is not how Halo works, and I think it will be useless.
They already include Armor customization and effects for Halo Reach, and (new feature) skins for Halo Combat Evolved.

CoD is the other way kid.

Edit: To give a non-facetious comment, this has no place in Halo. The entire point is that everyone in Halo starts equally. No perks, no kill streaks, no loadouts (a big mistake Reach made), no traits, no weapon attachments, and so on.

This idea needs to be taken out the back and put out its misery.