Halo in Concert, maybe?

So Halo has had a long history of great music. Epic scores from multiple talented composers (not the Forerunner weapon, dang it). So I know I posted this idea a long time ago. But I think it is best to remind 343 Industries of a great idea.

Find a talented orchestra conductor and go on tour and have concerts across the world with Halo music. Star Wars did it. Super Mario, Pokémon, Kirby and Final Fantasy did this. Why can’t Halo?

Halo has done things close to concerts before but nothing to the scale of the examples you have mentioned.

Well I think we need it. Even I have felt an increasing drop in material from Halo lately.

It has been done many times, here’s one of my favorites.


Oh. Well I’m talking about everything up until now, dedicated to only Halo, not other games.

Then again, I was not aware of this video.