Halo horror game

Imagine a game your a civilian, odst dropping in, your running from the flood, you fight though with fallen odst gear…and in the end become a odst.

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Could be a cool Halo Infinite Campaign Coop Expansion but it’ll clash with the releases of Dead Space remastered and the Calipso Protocol.

John 117 was never a civilian child who had to run and survive the onslaught of the flood and I doubt the Chief could relate to being that vulnerable (which is why he makes such a great Spartan).

The idea of a Flood horror game based on the Halo short story ‘The Mona Lisa’ has been floating around for years. Horror is not exactly my idea of a good time but being stranded on a flood infested ship would be nuts.

Hopefully with forge we can set up horror themed single player “missions.” I’m definitely going to try.

This is something I’ve always wanted from Halo. From the perspective of a Spartan, yes the Flood are still threatening but you never feel scared as a player, so if you played as an ODST, regular Marine, or even just a Civilian, they are more threatening as you are more vulnerable, but also more scared as a player because of the massive nerf you got from being a Spartan before. Pls343, capitalise on stuff like this as people really want it. Maybe someday

Imagine a Halo horor game like Alien isolation, you’re a civilian in a space installation attacked by some covenant, you’re running from an invisible elit you can’t killed, you fight some little grunt, and then the flood arrive, you’r running from combat form and you can kill infection form.

A game where you play as a grunt on High Charity as it is infested and overtaken by the flood would be amazing. Dark ambience, sounds, just yourself and your escape to some form of escape ship or whatever.