Halo: Hero's of the Battlefield

I’m making a gametype and I’m calling it “Halo: Hero’s of the Battlefield”. It’s not a seperate game, it’s a gametype in the Dominion section, built for 16 players, based on the Halo: Battlefront gametype someone else made, I wanted to make one with my own touch to it. I just wanted some people opinion on it and some ideas.

So, down to business. My first map is a variation of Longbow called “Concord”, because it takes place on the planet Concord. All but two bases are owned by the yellow team (You only play as either the red team or the blue team) and you’ll want to take over those bases quickly if you don’t want the “Natives” (The Yellow team represents natives on some maps) to win, and in this case, they are the Covies who went missing a few days before this battle occured, and more Covies were sent to make sure the ASC and the UNSC doesn’t try to take the bases. There are 5 baes on this map, but 3 of them, the starting red, blue, and one of the Covie teams have turretes, the other two simply have barricades and shields, so you will have to keep an eye on those bases if you want them to stay under your control since they don’t have turrets to slow the enemy down long enough for you to arrive and save the base.

The map and gametype is in my fileshare. Just be aware that the map is unfinished and the gametype can be tweaked a little but I am working on it.

Also, this gametype series I made is during the Human-Covenant War when the Covenant is also fighting a fictional faction that are allied with the UNSC, and are known as the Atlantean Space Command, or ASC. Halo: Hero’s of the Battlefield tells the story of those battles on different maps in Dominion. Blue Team represents the ASC, Red team represents the Covies.

These battles are carried out by the Special Forces of each group, although the loadouts are not really accurate for those on the Covie side (Red Team), so just go along with it.

Info: The Atlantean Commando’s, sometimes referred to as Spartan-V’s, have the skills and knowledge to rival even the famous Spartan-II’s. A single Spartan-V is enough for the Master Chief to have difficulty fighting. These Legendary Commando’s were once known as the Atlantean Knights in Ancient Atlantean History, comprised of Hoplites, Hippikons, and Toxotai. These soldiers are dangerous at most ranges and are not to be underestimated. And they don’t even need guns to be feared, they have been trained how to throw a knife through even the smallest crevice, and in every form of hand to hand combat, and sometimes even can just run and smash through any wall to get to their target if angered.

The sight of a Spartan-V on the field strikes fear in to almost any of the hearts of their enemies. They are known to be merciless and carry out any order without question (Unless it involves civilians and fellow soldiers of course, then they will hesitate unless it’s one of those aggressive insurrectionists).

Loadouts are as followed:
Loadout 1: Commander
Primary: BR
Secondary: Boltshot
AA: Promethean Vision
Grenades: Plasma
Tactical Package: Shielding
Support Upgrade: Ammo

Loadout 2: Medic
Primary: Lightrifle
Secondary: Boltshot
Grenades: Plasma Grenades
AA: Regeneration Field
Tactical Package: Mobility
Support Upgrade: Dexterity

Loadout 3: Sniper
Primary: DMR
Secondary: Magnum
Grenades: Frag Grenades
AA: Active Camo
Tactical Package: AA Efficiency
Support Upgrade: Awareness

Loadout 4: Shock Trooper
Primary: AR
Secondary: Carbine
Grenades: Frag Grenades
AA: Hardlight Shield
Tactical Package: Firepower
Support Upgrade: Ammo

Loadout 5: Grenadier
Primary: Shotgun
Secondary: Plasma Pistol
Grenades: Plasma Grenades
AA: Auto-Sentry
Tactical Package: Grenadier
Support Upgrade: Explosives

The map and gametype will be in my fileshare tomorrow and I’m working on a logo for the gametype on a program called Paint that dates back to Windows 3 I think and my drawing skills aren’t very good.

It will take a while for me to do the logo picture, but I can tell you about it: Delta 1, the Blue Spartan with the Recon Helmet holding the Combat Knife, is fighting a Covenant Elite that has an Energy Sword, while ASC soldiers on the left are fighting the Covenant soldiers on the right at sunrise.