Halo Hater: An apology to 343

The following is not a troll at all just an observation and explanation.

If i could use these forums to make a web diagram it would be easier to explain.

This thread was orginally more fuel for the fire of hate, it sorta backfired.

Halo eventually comes down to 3 things like many First Person Shooters:

Weapon; Aim, type, aim assist, range, ammo, control etc

Melee; Situation etc

Grenade; Environment, situation etc

Halo was an exception with one of the first Health systems and awareness tools in the FPS genre:

Shields; Timing, Survival, Oppurtunity etc

Radar; Awarness, environment etc

Next Halo had vehicles and movement

Vehicles; Control, Teamwork etc

Movement, jump height, crouch: Strafe

Maps needed knowledge and control:

Experience; Teamwork, communication etc

All the following inevetibly lead to:

Skill, Fun, Teamwork and balance etc

Next step:

Give the community the tools and observe what happens. Develop accordingly. Gaming communities can create amazing things and Devs should take advantage of that, just look at DayZ for example.

Custom Games: Priority 1

LAN: Priority 3

Maps: Priority 1

Matchmaking: Priority 1

Ranking/Progression System: Priority 1

Forge: Priority 1

Theatre: Priority 2

Campaign: Priority 1

Firefight: Priority 2

Coop: Priority 2

Parties: Priority 2

Spartan Ops: Priority 2

Options/User control: Priority 2

Post launch support: Priority 3

Simple and sweet User Interface: Priority 2

Website/stats: priority 1 if all other priorities are fufiled to a high standard in the Devs, Fans and

New features: Varies depending on competition, requires market research and stats.
SHOULD NEVER REPLACE PREVIOUS FEATURES unless they add to the core gameplay.

Community-Dev Communication: Varies depending on how well executed the following were.

When a game is rushed all these features suffer. 343, all I ask is build the Halo like 1, 2 and 3; Then test the idea’s you talented guys and gals have as well as some of the communities. If it’s possible modify your engine to make it easy to fix/ implement features that may of missed out due to rushing or just thought of post-launch, ‘hey this is a good idea, dang we didn’t have time to implement it’.

343, i’m sorry. I’ve been a spoiled kid and have been wanting without understanding. I realised this half way through writing this thread.

343 fix Halo 4.
Learn from your mistakes, get back up, and cap the flag.
Redeem yourselves with Halo 5
Stop Bungie’s 2nd plan for world domination
Be the franchise people want the 720 for
Be remembered as the Dev who never gave up, took the burden of Halo, saving it from itself and its rivals
You have till 2021 to complete this and you have the talent to do so.
GG, -Yoink!- some noobs, have fun and never forget Reach and why your halo fans.

Making mistakes is human nature, learning from them takes something more…

Destiny awaits…343, be the badass who fights it.

May the rivalry between Halo and Destiny be what is remembered in next-gen console gaming.

I wrote this while listening to One Final Effort and that somehow changed my view on 343 from hate to respect.

Everyone deserves a second chance, Halo 5 is your second chance, 343.

Competing with bungies Destiny will not be a easy task, since Bungie has incredible forethought, for a example heres this.Still well written post, i’m am sure that one took a awhile, keep at it, because posts like that make a bigger statement than bland walls of text.Hopefully they can indeed redeem themselves with Halo 5 but they are going to have extremely tough competition, so lets wait and see.

However, i am extremely confident that 343 will take all the data they received and feedback from the forums to create a Halo that will go above everybody’s standards.

If your post is at all editable, please change that blue color you’re using; it hurts to look at.

> If your post is at all editable, please do not change that blue color you’re using, it’s great to look at and gives it a accent to enjoy.


> Everyone deserves a second chance, Halo 5 is your second chance, 343.

Implying people are willing to wait that long…

I bought my 360 to play halo, I’m not buying the next gen xbox to play 343’s halo… there are no second chances.