Halo has become something different; Is this good?

I believe that these new halo titles are having less and less to do with the original story. The title is Halo after all, and I don’t see much mention of the halos in 4 & 5. Before all the h8rs get on my back, I know 343 has begun making these new titles part of the reclaimer saga, but it has the chief in them, and is part of the main story, so it’s not like they’ll go back to the original idea anytime soon. Does anyone agree or have anything else to say?

The return of the Forerunners…okay that might not be a terrible concept in itself. I dislike the execution though. Nothing about the Forerunner says “Bipedal Skeleton Robots” to me, I don’t get how you can even get that impression when the only constructs we’ve been exposed to in the past are floating, abstract-shaped ones.

The lack of focus on Halo rings…probably a good thing. Halo 3 is essentially a rehash of Halo Ce with its plot, even Halo 2 is to an extent. If you’re going to center the stories around the Halo rings, then those stories should be different than “find ring, destroy ring”.