Halo: Hailstorm (Fan Made Writing)

I enjoy writing and i love halo so i figured why not make a Fan Made writing about Halo.

This Fan Made story is set in 2555, and is about a group of Sangheili blamed for an assault on a human ship (A Heep of Death) so the UNSC responds to the threat of another possible alien threat by sending in Spartan Team Dice along with several vessels. The Sangheili try to clear their names and find those responsible for the lies about them.

I am assuming that if i write it the best place to put it is here on this secetion of the forums. The story is the perceptive of the Sangheili Nihia, Rha’ and an Unngoy Temp. The Human side perceptive comes from Spartan Bejong Young and Major Makupa Insky. Also the hidden perceptive of the faction responsible from the attack.

Thoughts? Please Discuss.

Sounds interesting. What length are you looking at? Novel, short story etc.?

> Sounds interesting. What length are you looking at? Novel, short story etc.?

An entire novel.

But this is the second version i am making of it. Back in High School my friend T knew that i enjoyed writing and we both loved Halo so he asked why haven’t i wrote a Halo fan fiction or something or pitched my current story i had at some company. I did. i wanted to see if Bungie would take my story of Calamity, but they said no and i don’t think 343i will take it and i don’t know who will.

So instead of this book being about Nihia and his brother Rha’ in…well i can’t say. IDK if you want to read it so telling you what happens to the Chichoniee brothers and our current hero. I messed up the name. She is the sister of the person from the novel that i made before this. This is a prequel. So if this thread does well i will of course put it here on the waypoint and if that does well i will put up Halo : Dice. This is Chichoniee families plan comes into action and Fruour, the father of Rha’ and Nihia has to pay for what happened with his two eldest sons. Along with us humans being mislead. Dice team is being flung into combat at requiem and fighting in both the first and second battle. Along with a few friends.