Halo Guardians update.

Hi I want to know if there is any other way to download the Halo guardian 9gig patch. I only have 15gig of data for a month on mobile broadband. Apart from taking my Xbox to someone’s house to do it, can they download it to usb for me like they did for the firmware update.

using a xbox one I suggest you up your interent but other than that I think your stuffed I may be wrong though

if you download it in a hdd (3.0) from other Xbox one, maybe…

How hard is it to just take to a friends place for DL.

Use a neighbors wifi, with permission of course?

No. You cannot obtain the update in any other format from 343.

Your options are:

Purchase a plan which allows you a higher download limit.

Have a friend download the update, transfer it to a USB drive and then transfer to your Xbox.