Halo: Guardian Packs

On Halo: Guardians online, you get the packs that hold skins to different vehicles and weapons. But when I hover over them, my only option is to sell. Can someone explain how to use them to me, thanks.

Armor, Helmets and Skins you can’t sell. Weapons and Vehicles you can. If you don’t use the weapon or vehicle you can sell them and it gives you back some of the req points.

Well those weapon skins, armours, helmets, vehicle/power weapon certifications and loadouts are permanent unlocks while your vehicles & power weapons are one-time use items which enables you to sell them for RP but not the certifications.

You can’t sell cosmetics and you use your vehicles and weapons in warzone. Your loadout weapons you cannot sell either

You can only sell Power Weapons, Vehicles, and boosts. Everything else you can’t.

So if I’m understanding correctly, OP is talking about getting an Urban Warthog instead of a regular one. It doesn’t count as a vehicle skin, but rather a separate vehicle you can call in during Warzone variant matches. So you can only use them in Warzone games, there is nothing you need to set prior to that in order to use them, but they are one time use just like any other non-loadout req.