Halo Goes Hard in so many ways ehh except Forge

I for one like the free expansions; I think the req’s are moderately priced; I don’t care who designs the maps it makes for an awesome rotation. Have not witnessed any type of lag where it is a considerable problem on a consistent basis. These forums pretty much keep us updated on what’s coming down the pike.

But what the hell is up with Forge? Is there a tutorial for this? I get lost in the sauce when ever I enter that room; why is it so hard to navigate in there.

I would recommend going to Forge Labs or FORGEHUB on YouTube, both of those channels do some good tutorials.

It did take me watching a couple videos and a little practice to kinda get the feel for it. I still get lost once in a while

With previous Halo games Certain Affinity provided YouTube tutorials and had a website explaining all the game mode labels and how to setup various game modes. 343 definitely lowered the bar when it comes to things like that. Fortunately they did make a lot of major improvements.

I like watching forge maps on youtube. There are a lot of creations done already!

The new forge is definitely harder to get used to but once you do you’ll realize how much better the controls are and how much more control you have over objects