Halo/Gaming Community Looking for Players

The Kingdom of Jimmbabwe It’s the gaming community that is for everyone of all skill sets and ages. This kingdom does not judge of course. It is a positive environment for everyone no matter who you are. Join the company as we get close to Achilles, join the discord to always be talking to people with similar interests, or why not both? New To Halo? Don’t worry about it our experienced players, like myself, can help groom you into the Spartan you want to be. Like Playing Ranked? We are always looking for good players to help grind our way to a 50 or a champ rank. I myself have competed in Halo and have had multiple champ ranks in H5, so feel free to join. Just want friends to play Halo or video games with? Look no further we’re your place to be. The Kingdom of Jimmbabwe, is a community made for all sorts of Halo players and in general gamers. If you’re looking for friends to play Halo with, or people to chat with when you’re not gaming, The Kingdom of Jimmbabwe is the place for you. Join the Spartan Company, Join Our Discord, Come be apart of one of the best growing communities you can possibly be apart of! If you have any questions just ask me. I’m open to all questions, so feel free to ask. I hope to see many of you in the Kingdom. Message Jimmbabwe on Waypoint or Xbox Live if you’re interested