Halo games not focused on spartans

Who would like to see a second ODST game, or something that doesn’t follow a Spartans story arch?


Maybe if it was done a bit different than ODST. I would like to feel way weaker than spartans i.e. not as fast, less health, less or no shields, more recoil to guns. Make taking cover and ambush tactics more important so the gameplay feels way different from normal Halo since you are no longer a spartan in Mjolnir.

Also would have loved for that Halo Megablox game to have actually come out.

Imagine a Halo RPG where you play as a customisable civilian character and can work your way up to different entities in the Halo Universe?

I’ve always wanted another ODST game, with a new squad, new location and new game mechanics. You’d be forced to play more tactical against enemies and use guerilla warfare which would include hit and run tactics and not your standard run and gun. 2 settings (places) that I think could work for this are either on Zeta Halo or even take us back to the Ark.

For the first option, UNSC forces are scattered everywhere on Zeta Halo, and there’s even a possibility to see or even link up with some of the Spartan-IVs who were unaccounted for from the audio logs in the game. I assume 343 has things planned for some if not all of those unaccounted for Spartans in the upcoming Rubicon Protocol book.

For this other setting, it’s interesting because the Second Battle of the Ark is still ongoing and it would be cool to be hot-dropped from the SoF to an enemy-occupied area of the Installation. Maybe we could also get a tie in mission with the ODST team who appeared in the HW2 Campaign DLC (Sunray 1-1). Again this is all just food for thought but also showing the potential that 343 hasn’t tapped into, well yet anyways.