Halo Gamers Unite!

Sorry for the lame title, couldn’t think of any ideas. It has been a long ride, 2001- present, that we have enjoyed the long run of Master Chief and Cortana battling the covenant, alongside the millions of other soldiers that fought and died throughout the war, lasting almost countless years.In the time before the coming of Halo 4, something that, let’s face it we have been all waiting 5 very long years for (the amount of time it took to take harvest back, haha) and I must say, I cannot wait at all. So, with all these nostalgic memories rushing into my head I have decided on creating a Facebook (yes, Facebook, sorry :/) page for everyone who likes halo, the books, the lore, the games, even the backdrops painted in at the last second before release.
I’d love to have as many people like it as possible, to be able to get latest news right in the form of a notification, that do not contain spoilers unless official, on the games and novels alike, also including side projects and stories. In my opinion, the Halo community is one of the best gaming communities in the world, and we all know how fun it is to talk to someone or bump into someone that enjoys halo as much as ourselves.
So please drop by and help create the largest halo community on Facebook, thank you so much!
Halo Gamers For Life
^ Link to page.

Every Halo game has something great about it in my experience and honestly, no one game can be said to be greater then another, though if someone had to name one, they would believe one is greater because of _____ feature.

So true yet everyone argues haha