HALO: Fractures

Throughout Halo infinite we have had a few events. The interference, Tenrai, and Cyber Showdown. Soon another event will surface titled, “Eaglestrike.”
What do you guys think of these and how can they improve?

They’re really interesting snapshots into another world, but extremely paper-thin in terms of implementation. I would like for the world that’s “breaching” into the main-line universe to have more of an effect on the maps and the game-type itself rather than the frankly lazy current implementation of Events. Tenrai should have had something more to do with the Energy Sword (or even a reskinned variant of the Energy Sword that’s otherwise the same, but what UNSC Samurai use) and movement mechanics as opposed to just being Fiesta. It would have been killer to have a really awesome feudal Japanese-style map mixed with UNSC and Covenant elements of the opposite world (which would result in a new Playlist, Fractured, featuring the modes and maps) and Eaglestrike could utilize trenches and maps reminiscent of World War I with the Fracture twist to make the event more impactful.

Forge is right around the corner, make it happen 343!

As is, it’s a really cool introduction to awesome “What If” Halo universes, but it lacks the finesse of fine execution - I’m interested in the world of Eaglestrike and Tenrai, but it’s just armor. You don’t get to see maps, unique game modes, Covenant designs, or anything that would make it more interesting than “Do Event missions, get core, core look cool, core get benched because it doesn’t get new stuff anymore”