Halo Fractured out! Paywall of Death

Halo Fracture Tenrai Free Event

Hello and welcome to 34P indu$trie$ new Free 2 Pay Event.
first I thought, hell these challenges bring more XP, they also level my Season Pass and one challenge unlocks instantly an item, cool! Then … I saw the Tenrai Pass, better sit down, consists of about 40% content and 60% Challenge Swaps and XP Boosts (didn’t calculated, felt it).

Isn’t it ironic how we can’t see the forest for the trees? Why is it, that you need all of these? In return for the snail progression they created? For the Tenrai challenges that not instantly are replaced with another? No, instead of this you need to be lucky but maybe doing normal challenges first until you get a Tenrai one again.
And the point that kills EVERYTHING - 7 Tenrai challenges in total. Next Tenrai Week is January.
Who . the Tenrai . you think . you are kidding here 34P?

Sorry for being emotional so much but more obviously could’nt 34Pi sell us as idiots. For, let’s celebrate, 20 years they build trust and killing it completely in 1,5 weeks. Halo fractered out, time to do something valuable for the money you wanna grap so hard.



Preach bro. I seen the pass yesterday and at first was like ok not bad. Then soon realized that you are not garranteed an event challenge and have to do a normal or spend swaps. Today I find out there are only 7 challenge a week its in rotation. I’m assuming if you miss a challenge you can’t unlock everything by the 3rd week but not sure cuz 343 is busy shaving more paid skins down our throat instead of addressing the community on the current and future state of the game.


True, the more I try to be patient and trustful with 34P indu$trie$, the more I lose all my euphory for Halo Infinite. Could at least unlock the last 2 Tenrai challenges rn but don’t know why I should tbh.

Their response to battle pass progression was to add another battle pass with the same problems, lol

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I guess Brian jarrard said on Twitter that no changes will be made till after the holiday. Which is understandable but still they should have known this was a poor choice all around.

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Wouldn’t be so bad if you were guaranteed an event challenge one after the next not rng between normal and event bs.

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The thing that drives me really crazy is, that we got limited and limited again. Yeah sure, lets wait then over a month whilst they batteryesque put one after another Yoroi Armor skin into the shop for 3rd a full price AAA.
What a funny coincidence we could’nt unlock at least a new helmet the 1st week.

The sword on the hip is 15 bucks lol for 1 sword tied to the hip. And if you buy it but didn’t complete lvl 5 in the event its useless because you can’t mix and match armor core flair/attachments.

100% in future, save a challenge slot for an Event Challenge and instead swap it with another on completion so people can just grind that if they want. They’re all basically advanced versions of themselves anyway. Win 1 Fiesta Match, Win 2 Fiesta Matches, Win 3 Fiesta Matches, etc.