Halo Forum Role-Play Recruiting

I didn’t know anywhere else to put this so why not here? I wanted to start a forum Role-Play in General Discussion I guess. What it would be is a certain group of players will create a story that will go on for a certain amount of time. It will follow a slight plot, but it can stray and have side stories that could possibly branch into separate topics. So, I thought this would be a great place to get people.



-All Role-Players will abide by forum rules.
-Keep it clean.
-Please post in English, not a rule I just don’t want everyone to have to translate.
-No controlling other people’s characters.
-No useless or rude comments
-No plagarising
-No “God-Modding”
-No discrimination and stuff like that


The story will be done with posts. A user will post, then another one, and so on. I will create story plot with the help of the other Role-Players. The story will also be done in 3rd person posts ranging from 2 sentences to a couple paragraphs. It will take place between Halo 3 and Halo 4 most of the time.

A user can have up to one character. The character can have a back-story and attributes and things like that. A back-story and stuff will be written on this forum. Your characters armor, if a Spartan, will be based on your Halo 4 armor or if you can provide a picture, your Halo 3 armor. Anything besides a Spartan does not require a picture, just a description. All enemies will be controlled by me until I can find someone to help me make sure the story is on its way and will be able to control things.

So that’s it. Hopefully we’re able to do this on here. There will be a maximum of 10 people as of now, for control purposes. Discluding me, so 11. Just put down your back-story and stuff if you want to join. The topic will be created when all slots are filled. It’s not first come first serve either. I will base it on description and all that. That way no one can make anything up out of thin air. If you don’t wanna join I’d like your opinions on this idea.

Thanks for reading and/or joining.


Slot 1=
Slot 2=
Slot 3=
Slot 4=
Slot 5=
Slot 6=
Slot 7=
Slot 8=
Slot 9=
Slot 10=

If I join this can my character be Tommy Wiseau?

> If I join this can my character be Tommy Wiseau?

This isn’t a clan. It’s just fun role-play. And no, you have to have your own character.

Can my name still be Tommy Wiseau but be a completely different person?