Halo forge ideas

As disappointing as H4 forge was I thought the community could post ideas on how to make it better. Not like 343 goes on this at all but we can dream can’t we?

  1. We need transport hogs and transport falcons or something on the lines of that

  2. Be able to zoom while in oracle mode.

  3. Be able to spawn AI

  4. Have a map like sandbox from H3 with 3 levels and all of them being flat.

  5. More interactive items like switches for gates that you can sync to like how teleporters sync

  6. Automatic sliding doors

  7. Elevators

  8. 0 gravity zones

  9. Option to turn off generate lighting because that’s so annoying

  10. Shelves that can hold weapons like the ones in campaign

That’s just some of my ideas. Post any of your ideas for forge or custom games

#2 and #8 are already in there.

> #2 and #8 are already in there.

How do you zoom?

I would like the full vehicle list in forge along with the weapons

I wouldnt say forge is bad but its no better than it was in halo reach, we have some less options and some new options. The new ones are prity good imbh, but the ones left out seem strange to not include them.

Zooming while in moniter mode is much missed and i cant understand why they left that out, you can still zoom in on pan cam in theter mode, so why not in forge?
I love how forge objects generate and get effected by lighting effects, i guess it would be nice to be able to turn it off and on though while your editing to save loading time. But overall i think its a nice new feture , and you can make areas totally pick black which is great.

As for new things id like to see,

  1. ability to highlight multiple objects that you have forged and then copy them all in one go copy paste style.

  2. the option to change the colour and shape of kill balls, thus giving them more than just one use, they could be used as a decoration, and have them be effected by sfx light orbs. In h3 they were and because of this you could make kill balls almost blinding lights which was a nice effect for some maps.

3.Man cannons instead of light or heavy, can we have a strength % option, so we can adjust it to wotever lengths we desire for a jump.

4.More vehicles, just add as much of the halo franchise sandbox as you can, i dont see the reason to leave out things like hornets as they would still be used in the h4 timeline.

5.WE have the options now to select spawn time for objects, what about having the ability to select spawn and despawn and respawn times. That way we could make platforums that apear and reapear.

6.Can we please have a light bridge forge object model, its anoying to have so many forge objects to make nice forerunner structures only to leave out classic light bridges.

7.Those new turrets you can activate, would of been nice to have an option for them to automaticly be activated so we could have auto turrets as hazards in a map, kinda like in halo 3 with those turrets that would kill you if you went out of bounds.

  1. Maybe somthing for halo 5 seing it a probably be on new xbox, Day and night cycle, and selection of time for differnt lighting effects instead of having to mess around with sfx orbs that never really give you a true sence of night time.

if halo could i would like to be able to get transport warthogs and giant vehicles like infinity or forward unto dawn a covenant cruiser maybe but please add the scarab thanks

If you can think it, and they can do it, they should try it. This is the only reason I hope AA’s and ordnance remain in the series because they need to push the envelope when it comes to custom games and forge. I wasn’t necessarily dissapointed with H4’s forge because it was the same as Reach’s… which was really good I thought. I’d like to see a bigger jump this time time around going into Halo 5.

This may get moved to the Halo 5 forum, but these threads are always good and fun.

I’d like to see more options with nature involved. It’d be cool to be able to add rivers and waterfalls into a map depending on its size. Having the ability to add creatures such as Moa might make forging and multiplayer more interesting too.

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