Halo forge/custom games ideas

I have some ideas for forge and custom games…

A flip/mirror button. Some objects like buildings dosn’t become perfect mirror objects if you flip them 180 degresse.

A texture changer. just like in reach you could change coulure but insted you change it so it doesnt look all “forunnerish”. you could have a special textur for the covenant and for the humans so every thing doesnt look the same and you can tell stuff apart from echother… and maybe a texture that was more soft like the colum in reach could be like round instead of square…

a gravity changer. just like in reach you put a hill marker and you could go to advance setings and change a gravity zone in it where you could change how low it could be or you could make it so it would point where it shoud pull to.

custom games:
a wheather option. this is maybe far fetched but it would be cool if yo could change the wheater to like rain, night, thunderstorm and so on.

Landscape optoins. this is also a little far fetched but you could maybe change the terrain from grs to snow or desert…

please post what you have for ideas and maybe what you think of mine. and sorry for my grammar im a swede :slight_smile:

Yeah nice ideas. Terrain editors are real possibility with today’s technical advancements look at Far Cry 2 for example its a year or two old now but it has a terrain editor. Epic games are reported to be working on one for Unreal engine games.