Halo forge covenant objects

When I was watching one of the sprints I the file covenant. What do you think may be on that file? Just the usual vehicles and weapons or is there stuff that will be more appealing? I know since after halo 4 fans been asking to bring covenant tech back.

There are hints throughout the game, trailers, and briefings that allude to multiple garments (or colors at the minimum) of each object. 343 is going all out this time around. I can only hope that they add the Pelican to forge with the Christmas update.

I hope so too. I did hear that the pelican may be in but not flyable.

Knowing 343, it will either be in the game, or it won’t. They haven’t had any half and half with the UNSC and Alien aircraft since Reach.

Everyone (maybe) have been wanting the pelican since Halo1. It would be nice to fly about and have fun…

Idk though…