Halo forerunner Canon inconsistencies?

So my brother and I were talking about this the other night, and so, are the Halo 3 terminals still considered canon? Because it seems like there are a few big inconsistencies between where the Libratian ended up and the didacts feeling towards humanity. The librarian says something like “you should come meet this species on earth. They’re really extraordinary”. And this is apparently not long before the rings are fired, and she’s talking to the didact. The didact already knew about humans. Had Fought them for many years. So why would she be talking to him like this? Also, the didact WASNT imprisoned or anything. I realize there are two didacts, but I’m not familiar with the iso didact. Am I missing something, or is it just inconsistent in some areas?

This was a point made in the Forerunner books.

Its believed by fans that Medicant Bias edited the story in the Halo 3 terminals.

Or the fact that the Domain was destroyied could mean the terminals have errors. Just like what the Halo 4 ones have.

So yea the terminals are a unreliable source. ^^

343i has gone on record stating that terminal stories are not a exact translation of the game reater narative to give those that have not been exposed to other media a jumping point. Forerunner trilogy at present is the definitive history canon of the forerunners.

That said I can’t recall this halo 3 terminal. But this could very well be after the humans had been devolved in accordance to the mantle after the human forerunner war. The librarian worked set up a reseach station on earth working with them for ove ten thousand year so it could be with in this time frame this happens.

Well if you really want to apply canon here, a few bullet points…

  • Catalog was not fond of questions that had “logic plague markers”, specifically one related to the Mantle IIRC. - Recorded data in limited archives (Spark admits that he has compartmentalized data, so it is safe to assume that no function AI has the full picture, intentionally.) might have been altered to obscure Humanities origins. - Learning that we are the creations of a God race who destroyed our sibling species and intends to unleash a plague upon us, might demoralize humanity. The Forerunners that heard this certainly were, and might have anticipated the damage it would cause their Reclaimers.We also know that the Forerunners were divided on what to do after the war, and that Reclaimer status for Humanity wasn’t entirely as concrete as we were lead to believe. So data may have been intentionally redacted or altered in order to create a narrative that conveyed events without revealing too much.